Sweet Distraction

As tomorrow is the actual anniversary of my mom and sister’s death, I’ve decided to focus on keeping myself busy.  Honestly, this is my normal strategy at this time of year.

But, I’ll admit, this year I think it will be a bit easier then past years.


Mr. MPB scheduled out of town work for tomorrow, which was intentional and I think will be perfect because Little MPB and I are going with him!  We are making a night of it.

So, tomorrow family road trip!  Then, while Mr. MPB works, Little MPB and I are going swimming and will go out for lunch together.  He’ll love it, and seeing him happy will absolutely make me happy!

Then Saturday, we are going to hit up all the tourists spots on our way home.  Which means we will explore some fun outdoor touristy places with Little MPB.  He’ll have fun and we’ll have fun too.


I acknowledge that tomorrow will undoubtedly be hard.  I also acknowledge that this years 20th anniversary has struck me more then other recent anniversaries.

It’s bitter sweet that I get to spend the day with my son, but not with my mom or sister.  But, I plan to hold onto my immense gratitude to the universe that I am fortunate enough to be here with my amazing little boy.  I plan to do my best to focus on the sweetness that makes this year different.

But, I know that being distracted with Little MPB will probably make the day pass much quicker.

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