Another One Bites The Dust

I recently found out another good friend is moving away.  And, she’s moving even further away then any of our recent friends who moved. As in, she’s leaving the country and literally moving to the other side of continent.

I’m happy for her and her husband.  In fact, I’m thrilled for them as this move is the result of some very hard work paying off.  It’s a good thing for them.

But, as I told her, I’m sad for me.  I’m going to miss her so much!!

It feels like we haven’t even been friends for that long – we met at my last job (you know the one with the not so nice boss). When I left the company we kept in touch, in fact, she’s basically the only person I chose to keep in touch with.  We actually go for lunch together every few weeks.

She’s truly a remarkable women, and I’m so glad I’ve been able to get to know her over the last few years.  She puts up with my inability to keep a regularly scheduled lunch date for the life of me.  She always shows up to lunch looking immaculately put together (like seriously, she’s one of those people who just looks fantastic everyday).  Yet, she does doesn’t seem to care that I show up in yoga pants, some sort of hoodie and maybe a hat, because working from home evidently means I don’t always put my best foot forward in the world of fashion.  She also puts up with me on the days I’m so chaotic I probably don’t make much sense.  She even tolerates me showing up 10 minutes (or more) late sometimes.  She listens to my crazy and always offers amazing words of advice and makes me smile.  But more then this, she also has supported me through so many of our losses and shared her own horrible experiences with me.  She supported me through our adoption path and she’s loves our son and let’s me talk about him all the time.  She shares her life with me, and I’ve been so honoured to be part of her life.

Basically, she’s amazing.

And, now she’s moving. I know there is still a real chance we’ll see each other again as she’s moving to the State Baby MPB was born in.  And, I know one day we will take Baby MPB to see where he was born (maybe once Trump is out of office….).  But, I also know we wont have our regular lunches anymore.  She’s not moving right away, so we can continue our poorly scheduled lunch dates for a few more months, but the fact is she’s still moving basically halfway across the world means I have to say goodbye to yet another amazing friend.

And so, while part of me wants to selfishly cry, I’m going to just focus on enjoying our visits.

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7 Comments on “Another One Bites The Dust

  1. Its always hard when friends leave. Also, why is it so much harder to make new friends as we age? I haven’t made any new friends at all, where do u meet new friends, someone please tell me.. Most of my friends are work colleagues who became friends as time progressed…

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  2. I know how you’re feeling because a good friend of mine is moving across the country as well… her husband got a new job and well it’ll be cheaper to live in eastern Canada than Vancouver… sigh it totally sucks, but yes we’re trying to spend as much time together before she leaves next week.

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  3. We moved around a lot when I was a kid, so saying goodbye was pretty common. It still stinks, though. At least you have a few more months and the wonders of technology. I’ve had snapchat dates with friends who have moved away before. Not the same but still good.


  4. I’ve had a lot of good friends move away over the past few years and it’s always sad. Sounds like your friend is one of a kind, hopefully you’ll still be able to keep in touch, maybe plan some skype dates!


  5. Ugh- it’s tough when special friends like that move away. She sounds like my twin sis- super put together even when crazy sick and at home with her twin toddlers. I am quite a bit more like you 🙂


  6. Oh no!!! It sucks when good friends leave. We moved in April and even though it’s only an hour we miss our friends so much. Now we have our dear friends leaving this summer for another state and it sucks. I’m glad you know that you’ll visit and I’m sure you’ll stay in touch especially given she seems so caring.

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