Red Lights

We were out and about as a family the other day running a few errands.  Our day was going well, until we stopped at a red light at an intersection we both hate because it is so poorly designed.

Needless to say, the guy behind us chose not to stop at the same red light. And so we were rear ended.

I freaked out.  Not at the other driver.  Not about my car.  I could have cared less about my car.  The guy who hit us was nice enough as there wete no issues with him taking responsibility or anything like that.

I freaked out because Baby MPB was in the car.  My gosh, Baby MPB!!  I went straight into crazy mamma bear mode.

Needless to say, I was on the phone to 911.  An ambulance was at the scene within moments.  In fact, so were fire and police.

One of the paramedics went straight over to Baby MPB, still strapped into his car seat with Mr. MPB sitting with him.  I was too afraid to take him out incase somehow that could cause further injury.  They inquired into whether or not he’s always this quiet – why yes, he his – he’s shy when we are out an about, and usually doesn’t say a peep.

The other paramedic was with me as I was standing on the road with tears rolling down my cheeks,

I know I’m probably over reacting and wasting your time, I’m pretty sure he’s fine, but I just need to KNOW he’s fine.  He just cannot be hurt, he’s too young and still so little.

The paramedics said Baby MPB was just fine, but if anything was concerning to take him straight to the hospital or our family doctor.  They also commented at how well secured he was in the car seat – thank god Mr. MPB put him in that seat so snug and safely!

In the end, I think they spent more time trying to calm me down then anything else.  Honestly, I’m still worked up over this.  I can still feel the heightened tension in my neck and shoulders.  I know Baby MPB is fine, but it was a real near miss/what if moment that has rocked me to my core.  I have tears in my eyes just writing this and thinking about it again.  I am still feeling deeply unsettled.


As for damage to the car, there is none.  Seriously, NONE.  I ended up calling an ambulance, fire and police to an intersection for a teeny tiny bump.  And, you know what, I’m completely okay with that.

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32 Comments on “Red Lights

  1. I’d be very similar-mama bear is my go-to :/ recently a family was rear ended in a village only 20ish minutes from here, mum died and baby was seriously injured but ok. So sad 😭 this stuff plagues my old worried mum brain.. I worried far less with my teenagers. And now I’ve if them is driving! I swear every bad story plays over and over.. I’m now afraid to sit in the back seat (that’s where this mum was sitting) I need to figure out how to chill! Glad you are all ok ❤

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  2. Oh how scary! Im so glad everyone is okay. Do u mind me asking is baby MPB in the back middle or back side of the car? We have our seat installed in the back middle bc we were told that is safest however the back side just seems more secure!

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  3. I’m so sorry that happened, but sooooo relieved that all of you and your car are okay! I’m sure it was more stress that you really just don’t need right now. But I’m sure that the paramedics would much rather be called out and give everyone a clear bill of health, than to not be called and something horrible happen afterwards because it wasn’t checked out to begin with. Never feel bad for asking for help, no matter who comes to your rescue! *hugs*

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  4. I was laughing out loud reading this. 😂 You are SO my husband! We’ve never been in an accident with the kids but I guarantee you he would order TWO ambulances if we were rear ended because we have two very fragile kids. 😉

    I’m glad all is well…. Including your car.

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  5. OMG! I m freaking out reading this. I can totally relate. Id have probably yelled at the other driver too!
    Anyway, dont forget to toss this car seat and buy a new one. When you dispose it, cut the straps off so that no one else can reuse it

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    • The ither driver was more upset about the cars then I was actually. I spent a lot of time telling him the cars dont matter, the people do. I was visually upset about baby MPB though. Interestingly in minor collisions you aren’t required to replace the car seat. Insurance won’t cover it (we asked), police don’t recommend it, car set manufacture doesn’t require it and no Canadian laws require it. I’ve been shocked reading up on this because I totally expected the car seat to be done because I’ve always heard that once in an accident that are garbage.

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      • Ya, everyone has said the exact same thing you did, myself included. But once we started researching it there are minor collision circumstances where you don’t need to throw them out with cash testing researching backing this up. Admittedly, I’m still nervous about it though!


  6. I got rear ended when baby girl was 15 days old and I did the same thing, freaked right out (it was very minor, she was fine but it did require some bodywork). We had to replace our car seat at that time. And then just a few weeks ago hubby’s car got hit in a parking lot at his work (luckily the other person was also an employee, and came in to report it and all went through insurance). Then I had my own run in with a parked car last week, but in both instances, even though both were fairly minor, and the car seat was not occupied in either of our vehicles, they have to be replaced. Our insurance insists because *if* something were to be wrong with the car seat due to the crash, they would be on the hook for it, so they just pay to replace it. But technically, the car seat manufacturer suggests replacing only in the event of a more serious crash.


    • This is interesting because if I’m not mistaken we live in the same part of the world. And we’ve been told the exact opposite!!! Our insurance told us unless it is visibly damaged they will not cover the cost to replace it. The police said in a minor collision not to replace it. No Canadian laws that we can find say to replace it. And the manufacturer sets out criteria for when to replace it, and our collision didn’t meet any of their requirements.

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  7. Aww, especially when we deal with loss, we tend to be a little more overprotective! I think it is fine! These babies are so well loved…our brains will hopefully calm down as they grow, but they are getting megadoses of love from their mommies. Hugs! That would have to be so scary!

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  8. Oh my word- that is so scary!!!! I am SO glad everyone is ok. I would have also called 911, seriously. Momma Bear mode is real, you don’t mess with momma bear! HUGS. So glad everyone is just fine!

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  9. I’m so glad everyone is ok. I am paranoid every time I get in the car with my baby. I would have done the same thing. Sending love!

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  10. We got rear ended when my daughter was 11 weeks. The car was totaled (thankfully it was a rental) but everyone was ok. It’s a terrifying feeling! So glad everyone is ok.

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  11. So scary! I remember the day I had Baby Daniel in the car with me when I was nannying and we got side swiped. Thankfully, it was on the opposite of him but it was so scary and I was so upset, especially because he wasn’t even mine but I was in charge of his care. Luckily, he was also just fine and the accident wasn’t my fault so my employers weren’t even upset with me. So Thankful you are all okay and I totally understand that fear you’re feeling!

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  12. I’m so glad you’re all ok! When it comes to keeping our babies safe, all reason goes out the window. Charlotte choked on some tortilla the other day and I was in full panic mode. Catch stayed perfectly calm and did the heimlich. It was over in about 15 seconds, but it was enough to turn me into helicopter mom for a full 24 hours.

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