It was clearly too much to ask that we all avoided getting sick from the water issues on our family vacation.

Thankfully, so far Baby MPB still seems fine.  And so does Mr. MPB.

Me on the other hand, not so much.  My digestive tract is unhappy, which could very likely be the result of contaminated water.  And, now as an added bonus I also seem to have a head cold.  I am actually sick enough that I had to cancel a day of meetings and stay home.

I am officially miserable.

And my anger about not being told about the boil water advisory has grown substantially. (I do rationally realize my illness and the boil water alert could just be a coincidence, but right now I’m blaming our hotel for me being sick).

At this point I am simply trying to keep my germs to myself and sleep this off.  Thankfully Mr. MPB is still healthy and is picking up my slack.

And of course our biggest hope is that Baby MPB continues to be healthy.  I just do not want his little body to have to deal with this.

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17 Comments on “Sick

  1. Grrr. Complain to the hotel: maybe you can get a free night’s stay out of them for your suffering and inconvenience. 🙂

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  2. I hope you feel better and that no one else gets sick. Not fun at all, especially since it could be from your vacation. So sorry b


  3. I hope you give the hotel a piece of your mind once you’re feeling better. Their failure to inform you of water issues was totally inexcusable!


  4. Still catching up! So sorry you got sick, you poor thing! 😦 Hope you are better now! I’ll keep scrolling through blogs and see! X

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