We Have A Date

We know the date that our son’s adoption will be final!!!!

I cannot tell you the date, but I feel like shouting it from the roof top!  We have a date – 2016/XX/XX!!  I know the finalization will not actually change anything in our lives.  Our son is our son and we are his parents, nothing changes that.  But, this date means we are forever done with the adoption stuff and can close this chapter of our lives.

When it comes to international adoption the paperwork is epic, so we still have work to do.  Just off the top of my head we still have to figure out:

  • immigration.
  • dual citizenship requirements.
  • new birth certificates.
  • social security.
  • social insurance.
  • passports.

But as of 2016/XX/XX we will be done with one massive hurdle that is required for all the other stuff to start.  And honestly, that’s reason to celebrate!

Due to the exorbitant cost of the adoption the judge has waived the requirement of the MPB family attending the hearing in person.  Which is a relief – it’s nice to know we don’t have to drop a couple thousand dollars to travel to the USA.

That said, we are still debating going. I feel like I frequently complain about the costs of the adoption process, yet we are considering spending more money to attend in person – just slightly hypocritical of us.

It just feels like the adoption finalization is one of those once in a lifetime things that we should do.

But, considering the chaos that is our lives right now, I cannot help but think that there will be massive travel stress that may negate the enjoyment of actually going.

We have figured out that if we go we could probably swing the flights on points and maybe even some of the hotels.  However, we were planning to use those points to go visit Baby MPB’s birth mother and new sibling, which also seems like a very important trip to make.

And, I wont lie, part of me just wants to take a mini-vacation to somewhere much warmer.  And, I know there are a few amazing bloggers close to where we’d be going who I’d love to meet too if we could swing it.

So, right now we have absolutely no idea what we are going to do. But, we do realize that we need to make this decision sooner rather then later and I’m thankful that we have to make this decision!

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23 Comments on “We Have A Date

  1. Have you thought about setting up a gofundme type page to maybe defer some of the costs? I would totally donate so you could go to the finalization of your son’s adoption!

    Either way, I am SO EXCITED for you!!!!

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  2. Yes, the adoption itself will be over, but you will always deal with adoption stuff forever. Emotions. Language. Questions. Etc.
    The paper granting adoption…it means nothing and everything all at the same time.
    The court hearing is quick, and underwhelming for what it means to you.

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  3. Hooray!! What a relief! I feel like I would really want to be there as well. And if you get to meet some blogging friends, that’s a bonus! It’s not like you’ll have a chance to do this again, they will only finalize this adoption once. I say go for it!!

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  4. Congratulations! I still remember the day we received our son’s Canadian citizen certificate in the mail and the immense relief we felt to be done. We brought him home using the pr route and had no idea how long it would take for him to officially become a citizen. Glad you can almost close that stressful chapter!

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  5. Congratulations on seeing the light at the end of the tunnel 🙂 My wife has to adopt our baby because of inadequate family law in Ontario, and while we don’t have to attend court, we want to because it will be a meaningful and celebratory occasion. I understand why you want to go even though it will cost more $.

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