Rain Rain Go Away

It was a long weekend here, technically meant to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Birthday.  In all honesty, I don’ t know anyone who actually celebrates her birthday.  Really it’s typically just a perfectly timed long weekend to mark the start of spring/summer.

Well, this year not so much.  It rained.  Epic rain in fact.  It even snowed at one point.

A good friend from England said to me over a glass of wine this weekend if you don’t play in the rain then you don’t play.  My response was simple – I’m pretty sure this girl will melt if left standing in the rain for too long. 

This weekend proved that if it rains, I don’t play well!!  

On Saturday we went out with the goal of finding something rainy and infant appropriate to do.  We ended up driving aimlessly, which did provide Baby MPB with a good nap. After much to long of a drive, we decided to check out a military museum that we had never been too.  It was fun, well at least for Mr. MPB. I do think I was a pretty good sport about staring at airplanes and war stuff for a few hours.

20140930 - 100HappyDays_Day79On Sunday, we tried again to find something to do in the rain.  Again we left the house without a plan.  We drove around, this time Baby MPB got a longer nap. Eventually we found a used book store that is apparently known for rare books.  Well, after last week’s epic book find this one was rather disappointing.  In fact, the only memorable part of the stop was an epic poopsplosion (seriously, how do babies create that much poop?!).  We thought we’d attempt a zoo visit, but the poopsplosion went through all of Baby MPB’s warm clothing we had with us.  It turned out, even with the power of google, we could not come up with a single fun thing to do in the rain!  So, in the end we literally went for a Sunday drive.  The only even slightly fun part of Sunday was when we got home and I made giant and delicious version of my favourite Greek salad.  There is so much of that we will be eating it for at least a few more days.

And then, yesterday, our bonus day off, was a bit better.  There was no random drives!  Rather, family came to visit for no reason other then to see Baby MPB (and therefore his parents too).  No-one in our family has EVER come so far specifically to visit us before.  At best we have always been a quick stop on the way to see someone else or do something else.  Most of the time in the past we were just skipped.  So, I will honestly say it was so nice to spend the entire afternoon visiting!  We loved it!!  And I think they thought I was crazy when I kept thanking them for visiting us.

And now, it’s a crazy busy work with a forecast of rain, rain and even more rain.  Truthfully, I’m just hoping I’ll be busy enough that I don’t spend my entire week worrying up my upcoming surgery.

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8 Comments on “Rain Rain Go Away

  1. I don’t know if it services your area, but the Bunjee app helps you find family-friendly activities, events and venues and things in your area. We didn’t have rain in Southwestern Ontario for the long weekend, but we still didn’t go out and do anything fun…

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  2. Oh it’s SO GREAT that your family came to visit you! I’m so happy for you! It sounds like you’ve had a wonderful few days! X

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  3. I think you sent your rainy weekend this way! We have a chance of thunderstorms every day. 🙂 Props to you for trying to find something fun to do. I probably would’ve just been lazy all weekend, lol. Have a great week…what day is your surgery next week?!


  4. It’s been super rainy down here, too!! Like, almost every single day this month it has rained at some point…yesterday we had torrential downpours for about an hour! I hope that your weather gets better soon!!

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  5. It’s awesome you guys got out of the house despite the weather. I know I get super down and tired when the weather is like that. It’s also awesome your family came to visit! My husband’s family often makes their visits on the way to do something else and it always kills me so I can imagine that their company made you happy!

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