Opportunity Knocks…Maybe

I can hardly believe I am going to write this, let alone that it’s actually even a possibility right now.

A potential career opportunity has developed that is so amazing we have to at least investigate it.  And if we took it, it would require a move.

Mr. MPB has been contacted about a possible job that would require a relocation clear across the continent.  An opportunity that would be designed to suit him specifically because they want him.

We are both self-employed so a move was not even on our radar simply because our clients are all based where we live.  Starting my businesses over again would be incredibly hard without our professional network.  And truthfully, going back to a 9-5 standard job which would be move like a 8-8 job in my industry, doesn’t really interest me at this point.  But I’m confident that I would get a job pretty quickly if we were to move.

And of course, let’s not forget that we have an infant who clearly complicates such a move.  We have family that would be rather disappointed to see us move even further away. Yet, we have extended family and friends who live close to the possible location and I suspect would welcome us with open arms.  And a work change would probably mean daycare, which is less then desirable right now in my opinion (eventually im sure Baby MPB will go to some sort of daycare, but I’m not ready for that just yet).  What we have now, with working from home and help from a nanny, while chaotic at times, is pretty amazing.  Giving that up seems slightly crazy.

And we love our home where we are now.  We bought it with the intention of raising our family here and leaving it would be so incredibly sad.  We also love our current part of the world, I truly believe we live in one of the most awe inspiring parts of the world.

But (and it’s a big but), this potential opportunity is simply so amazing that we just cannot turn it down without further investigation.  In fact, initially Mr. MPB did brush it off, thinking there is no way we’d relocate.  Then we got to talking, and we’ve decided to at least investigate the opportunity and learn more details.

Honestly, if I were a betting person I’d say there’s a 97% chance we wont do it.

But that 3% possibility is pretty darn intriguing an full of so much potential!

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19 Comments on “Opportunity Knocks…Maybe

  1. Wow, well done Mr MPB! What amazing news! It definitely warrants further investigation. Someone asked me a while back how I had achieved “success” (well, their perception was I was successful!) in my career. I said that I’m always open to opportunities. Most of the jobs I have taken have been opportunities that presented themselves and I was open to discussing them to see if they’d work. There is no harm in finding out more, and if anything, it helps you refine the things you ARE looking for in a future move. Best of luck and congratulations Mr MPB!

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  2. Oh how interesting!! How did this company find him? Has he worked with them in the past or something, in a branch in your part of the world? Sometimes, even though change is scary and it means leaving everything you love, it may bring you to things that you love even more that you didn’t even think of or consider. I wish you guys luck in making this decision!! (And if you move across the country, you’d be closer to my end of the world!!! It’s something to consider! 😀 )


  3. Wow, that’s awesome! Mr. MPB must be a real star in his field to be recruited for such a role! It sounds to me like you don’t really *want* to move…but I totally agree that exploring this is something you should do!


    • You are right Lindsay, right now I don’t really want to move. But there are a few really good reasons to consider it so we need to at least see what comes of it. (I do think Mr. MPB is pretty good at what he does, but I may be slightly biased). 😊

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  4. Sounds like an exciting time! I thought the same thing you are but here I am getting ready to move with a three week old. You never know what new adventure awaits!

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  5. Who knows….maybe there’s an awesome nanny waiting for you at this new location. And a great home. And new friends. And…and…and… it is fun to dream 🙂 Who knows!! 😀 It is a great “problem” to have (to have to decide between a good life and a good life). Excited for you guys no matter what you decide.


  6. It’s always great to have opportunities in life and even if you decide this isn’t the right thing for your family it’s nice to have the opportunity. So congrats on that!!


  7. Exciting times!!! Moving so far away from family and friends is tough for everyone, but my mum has always told me that shouldn’t ever stop me/us from taking amazing opportunities. However having said that, I think a baby does make a difference now there are three of you to consider in this equation!! Finding out more will help with that gut feeling to follow, and won’t hurt!!! Good luck 😊


  8. You never know where things will go. Actually we went on a vacation 6 years ago and fell in love with Phoenix. We were sure there was NO way we would ever be able to live there. But we were wrong. Everything fell perfectly into place and we live just outside of Phoenix. Good luck!!!!


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