Another Pregnancy Announcement

But, this time it’s different.  This time, I’m ecstatic!

Good friends of ours have been struggling.  We are about 2 years ahead of them in our struggle, meaning we’ve lived what they have been living before they started living it.  Of course our situations aren’t identical, but they were similar enough in that they’ve been trying to get pregnant for a few years.  The only pregnancy they’ve had ended in miscarriage.  And she’s quit her job hoping that removing the major source of stress in her life will help, just like I did.

Well, I guess removing the stress helped as they just told us they are almost 4 months pregnant.  They are out of the riskiest time and things are looking great.  They apologized for not telling us sooner, to which we said, no worries, we get it!

I have no idea why, but anytime someone gets pregnant who has struggled with infertility and/or loss, all I want to do is throw them a giant celebratory party.  On my part, there are virtually no feelings of envy or jealousy or hurt for what we had to endure.  In stead, I’m just overjoyed!  I feel the need to break out the champagne and I’m already thinking about baby gifts and not with dread.  In fact, I plan to ask her what of ours they need/want and just hand it over to them.  The baby stuff that our friends who are done having children passed on to us has been useful to us, so I plan to pass it on.  And now I’m thrilled to be able to pass it on to someone who will truly appreciate it!

And so today, I cannot help but be hopeful for others out there waiting and trying everything they can to welcome their own child one day.


But, with this good news there also comes bad news.  They also told us they are moving.  A relocation hours away from where we all currently live is required.  We’ve known this was a possibility for months, but now it’s been confirmed.  So, while I’m thrilled for them, I so am so incredibly sad to be losing such great friends who have been some of our most supportive and understanding friends in the last few years.  (I know realistically I’m not actually losing them, we will still be friends.  But right now, the distance makes me feel like we are losing them because it just wont be the same).

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25 Comments on “Another Pregnancy Announcement

  1. So happy for your friend! I feel the same way about anyone who has gone through struggles. I feel so protective and happy all at the same time. I’m sorry to hear about their relocation and I do hope that despite the distance you’ll be able to keep in touch!

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      • Awww 😦 I know what you mean. A girl I became really close to from support group is pregnant and due in August and I’m so sad because we lived a mile away from
        One another and now we are an hour. Even though it’s not too far it’s still going to take a bit more planning and effort to keep in touch. It sounds like these people are very special to you and will be in your life forever! Maybe it’s a good excuse to take a mini vacation? I can see your children being so excited to visit one another!

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  2. Congrats to your friends! I feel the same way as you about pregnancy announcements from fertiles vs. infertiles. I’m sorry they have to move though. How soon do they have to go? I hope her pregnancy continues to go well, and hope you share with us when the baby is born!

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    • I don’t know the exact date they move, I just know whenever it is it’ll be sooner then I’d like!
      How are you feeling these days? You are another one of the pregnancy announcements that brought tearful joys to my eyes! I’m still just so happy for you! 😊

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      • Thanks! I’m doing great, though I need to shop for new clothes when we get home apparently! I might post something today at some point. Thank you for being so happy for me! How’s baby doing?

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  3. Awwww, this post made me tear up with happy tears. I am happy for your friends AND happy for you that you are able to feel such joy about the news!


  4. That’s awesome.

    We should be hopeful for all of us in our journeys whether they include children or not. Children can be just one part of a person’s life but there is so much more to us than whether we are parents.


  5. I’m the same when I find out those who have struggled have finally got there. Sucks that they have to move though…hoping for a smooth pregnancy for your friend x x

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    • I think it’s great how much most of us can celebrate and find joy in pregnancy announcements for those who struggle. I too am hoping for a smooth pregnancy for them. 🙂


  6. So happy for your friends! I’m like you, I’m thrilled when someone who has gone through the same struggles has a positive outcome! I’m sorry they’re moving away though. It is so hard to find great friends at this stage in life. I’m sure you guys will stay tight!

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    • You are so right about it being hard to find great friends at this stage in life! Maybe that’s part of why I’m so sad that they are moving, they really are awesome people and great friends.


  7. Oh, and I keep meaning to tell you….I requested to follow you on instagram. You probably don’t recognize me…I’m @kdorman123. I tried sending a direct msg, but I have no idea if I actually sent it. Lol!

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  8. It’s so hard when friends move far away. Even if it’s not that far, losing the ability to pop by for dinner or step out for coffee changes things so much. One of my good friends moved about 6 hours away right after C was born and I miss her so much–it’s just not the same.

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  9. I feel the same excitement when those who have struggled reach their goals! Congrats to your friends and I am sorry to hear they are moving.

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  10. I’m sorry that your friend is moving away, but so happy for them. I have a hard time hearing about pregnancies from people who haven’t struggled too. I don’t know why it’s different, but it is.

    Btw: I still have baby MPB’s gift but I’m just too sick to make it to the mailbox.

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  11. Awww, I’m so happy for your friends and so sad that you all won’t be able to be close by for your little ones to grow up together. I’m the same way as you, it’s very rare for me to feel any envy or jealousy when it comes to an IF Sister.

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  12. I have the same reaction to pregnancy announcements from people who have struggled with infertility. I am always just over the moon for them!!
    I can understand waiting until 4 months too, especially when they have a miscarriage in their past. I have no idea how long we will wait when it is our turn. We might possibly do the same thing except for our parents and perhaps immediate family.
    I admire both you and her for giving up your jobs. Honestly as much as I love my job a few times I have thought of how different and less stressful my life would be if I could stay at home or at least work from home. To be honest both my husband and I would be far less stressed because then one of us would be able to handle all the “house and home” stuff instead of madly trying to divvy things up 🙂
    I think it is wonderful that you are willing to hand over your baby stuff to them. For those like us who have walked this journey by the time we meet our child we are often quite in debt from the process it took to meet them so I am sure it will be greatly appreciated!
    I am very sorry they are moving, even if it was something that has been in the works for a little while it doesn’t make it any less sad. Perhaps ask them to make sure there is room for you guys to come and visit? 🙂

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