Leaving the Hospital

I was not sure how leaving the hospital would go. I’ve been wondering about it for what feels like forever. Would I cry? Would I say something horribly sarcastic and probably inappropriate? Or would I trip and fall on my face (because I am actually known to do that from time to time)?

Well, once again, like everything, it went nothing like expected. No tears, no sarcasm and no unexpected trips!

The hospital required that the birth mom be wheeled out of the hospital with baby in her arms (she was physically fine, but the hospital requirement was that she use a wheel chair).

Additionally, even though she wanted to walk home the hospital would not allow it. So we clearly offered to drive her, and she accepted. Since we were driving her and she knew we needed a few baby things at a nearby store, she asked if she could join us to pick up a few things of her own.

And, so that’s what we did.


A lovely volunteer pushed her wheel chair. She held baby. Mr. MPB carried the car seat. I walked beside carrying bags.

We chatted the whole way out. Yet, I have absolutely no recollection of what we talked about.

Mr. MPB left us at the front door and brought the car around. When he returned, Mr. MPB got Baby MPB all snuggled safely away into the car seat. I jumped in the front seat and our birth mom sat with Baby MPB in the back seat.

We went from the hospital to the store. We shopped together – she got what she needed and we picked up a few things for Baby MPB.

Then, we dropped her off at her place and we went with Baby MPB to our hotel.

We parted ways knowing that we’d see each other the very next morning as we already made plans for a visit.

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28 Comments on “Leaving the Hospital

  1. That sounds lovely. I hope your first night alone as a family of three in the hotel went well! So excited for you right now!


  2. Wow, very anti-climactic which is great! I hope you guys had a *great* first night of feedings, snuggles, poop explosions, etc! 😉


  3. I read these blogs with such joy in my heart. You all seem to have found a peace together. I hope your first night alone isn’t too stressful and I hope you enjoy your day tomorrow with birth mom and hope she’s doing well, she sounds like she’s at peace with it all. Beautiful. So happy. Big loves


  4. Woohoo! He’s all yours! Glad you had already planned a visit with his birth mom. Sounds like you have a great relationship. I hope that continues to blossom as your son grows. How’s it feel to be a mama to a newborn?!


  5. Omg!!!!! It’s happening and it’s so surreal. Just a few months ago you didn’t know what was around the corner and last night you spent your first night mothering your beautiful baby!!!!! I’m a mess, crying with happiness for you over here in BC.

    Looking forward to hearing what the first night was like lil mama!! I was going to say I hope you guys are getting g rest but who I am kidding?!? You’re probably running on adrenaline and loving every minute of it 🎉😘😍💖🎊😃


  6. You had lots of hiccoughs heading into this. It is nice to see that things are going pretty smoothly now baby has joined you 🙂 Although I will say that this hospital doesn’t seem to do a great job with the whole adoptive situation and I find that insane.


  7. GAH!!!! I’m just catching up and bawling through each post!!!! HE’S HERE!!!! I’m so happy/excited/amazed/thrilled and ALL the emotions for you!!! 💙💙💙


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