Our Hospital Experience

So, the recurring theme in our lives right now is that nothing goes according to plan. And, our hospital experience was no different.


We met the potential birth mom for the very first time in the hospital waiting room. We hugged. We chatted. Once again, we talked about the weather, amongst many other things.

She was moved to a delivery room. They did all the medical stuff while we waited in a new waiting room.

She invited us into the delivery room, which was not according to her plan. We chatted some more as we watched TV together. We continued to get to know each other.

Mr. MPB, and I left the room when she needed to sleep and doctors/nurses were checking on her. We slept/watched TV in the waiting room. We went back to the waiting room, trying to sleep and trying to stay sane.

All the sudden we got word that baby was on the way!

And the next thing I know, we were waiting by the door. I have no idea how long we actually waited for, but it was no more than a few minutes.

Once we got word that we could come in, we did.

We met our son for the very first time. A moment I will never forget as long as I live.

Then, the hospital informed us that they did not have policy which allowed for baby and birth mom to be in separate rooms (our potential birth mom had requested that baby and adoptive parents get a room and birth mom gets another). So, baby and birth mom had to be in the same room until discharge. Instantly, the birth mom asked us to stay in her room with baby.

And so we did.

This meant it was all of us in one small hospital room for 24 hours!! And if that was crazy enough we also had a steady stream of her friends visiting to see the birth mom, meet baby and us. It was awesome seeing so many people loving this one child!

Mr. MPB and I did all the basic baby care – feeding and diaper changes with the help of nurses whenever we needed help (and as first time parents, we needed help at least a few times). Birth mom was able to snuggle him whenever she wanted and help in whatever way she wanted to. We made decisions together regarding initial vaccinations and testing. Together we filled in paperwork together, talked with baby’s doctors and our adoption social worker. All of us, knowing exactly what was going on.

The hospital’s inability to implement her birth plan was truly was the best thing that could have happened.

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38 Comments on “Our Hospital Experience

  1. Well, this is a case of things not going to plan and working out even better! I’m so glad you’re all getting this special time together. It sounds like your baby is one very loved little guy. ❤


  2. This is making me cry — it just sounds so perfect. I’m so happy that your little man has so many people who love him and are working to give him the best possible start in life. I’m so glad that your relationship with his birth mother is off to such a great start. Basically, I’m just overwhelmed with happiness for your family. 🙂 Congratulations!


  3. THIS is how it’s supposed to be! This just made my heart so happy for you, birth mom, Mr MPB, and baby MPB. How special that her friends came to see her and meet you, and to see baby MPB so they could truly know him, not just know OF him. This is truly wonderful.

    I dare say that you and birth mom are that elusive perfect match! 😁

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  4. This makes my heart so happy for you all, especially baby boy. And I’m really glad you ended up making it to the hospital before he arrived!


  5. Oh wow! It all just sounds like the best experience possible! I’m so glad the birth worked out well and what a lucky baby boy, being loved by so many people! Can’t wait to hear more 🙂 ❤ x x


  6. It’s awesome that you all got along so well, and were able to make decisions together as to what is best for your little one. Also fabulous that you got to meet so many people that are important to her. I know that you have hoped all along to have a lifelong relationship with the birth mom, but there are never any guarantees as far as that goes. It definitely looks like you will be able to have that aspect that you’ve wanted so much. So happy and excited for you!! 🙂

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  7. Ooh! You made it for the birth! Oh good, I wasn’t sure. You did the impossible and I am so amazed and happy for you guys. ;.; And crying. A little bit of crying.


  8. That is similar to our experience w/ our son’s birth. The hospital had no policies for surrogate births, so I spent the night in the room w/ our surro. She was great and the experience was great. The hospital was awkward in that they couldn’t figure out how to treat all of us.


  9. So so many congratulations to you both & many happy wishes for your new life with your son xx


  10. Your son’s first mum and family sound awesome. How wonderful that you’ve been able to be there from the beginning, and to have that shared experience. When your son is older I think it will mean a lot to him to hear about your experience of meeting his first family (and hopefully it’s the start of building a great relationship over time). Congratulations to new mum and dad! X


  11. Congratulations on finally getting to this wonderful part of your journey. I am so excited for you to finally have your child and I am so glad that things worked out the way they did. xo


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