Full Term

With every passing day we are closer to becoming parents. Maybe.

In fact, tomorrow marks 37 weeks gestation. Baby MPB is full term. This is a very exciting milestone for two people who have had 5 pregnancies, yet not one has ever reached viability.

Yet, I have mixed emotions. I am excited.  But, I have to admit, I’m fearful. I’m afraid that we are going to wake up and someone is going to say to us just kidding, you don’t get to be parents. I keep trying really hard not to dwell on these feelings. But, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit these thoughts cross my mind at least once a day.

But, since I’m working on staying positive, I’m not going to focus on those feeling right now. Instead, I’m going to focus on the joy and the excitement. The hope.

Right now, knowing Baby MPB is 37 weeks along, is truly life altering for me.

Knowing that if Baby MPB arrives tomorrow in all likelihood he will be healthy is literally breath taking for me.

And so now, with every passing day I realize we are closer than ever to having our dreams come true. Seriously, how crazy is that?!

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20 Comments on “Full Term

  1. Yeah, 37 weeks is a big milestone. You’ve reached full term mama :)) i am soo excited to read more. A qs, after the adoption is finalised, can you legally reveAl more? Or do
    Laws prohibit you?

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  2. Crazy… crazy-awesome, that is! Also, we really are on the same timeline — my little guy is two days behind your little guy (I will hit 37 weeks on Thursday). I am right there with you: excited, scared, hoping so hard that everything will turn out great for both of us.

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  3. Oh boy!!!! This is crazy exciting!

    My sister is due a few days before you and always goes early. You guys may go on the same day!!!

    I like your positive attitude. It’s nice!!!

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  4. This is incredible. I remember two years ago sitting on the bus reading your posts before I even started IVF, with tears in my eyes reading about your RPL. I can’t believe you’re so close. In the therapy world there’s a phenomenon in which people struggling with depression get scared when they start to feel better, terrified of the possibility that it’ll be taken away again. My heart is with you while you’re in the waiting game. The day I see a picture of your beautiful baby will be a celebration in the WP community for sure.

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  5. So excited for you. Please remember, you would be having these same feels even if YOU were 37 weeks right now. The anxiety and fear of losing the baby would be very similar. I’ve never adopted, but after 5 pregnancies and one live baby… I was terrified up until the moment they put her in my arms and said she was perfect. So… very similar 🙂

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  6. 37 weeks wow! So great! I’ve noticed tremendous perks to my closer to term baby over my premie baby, despite my premie having been very healthy & at home after only 4 days in nicu. You’re off to a great start!

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  7. Yay! I’m so excited for you! Archer was born at exactly 37 weeks and he’s perfect. Your baby is going to be perfect too! Stay positive hon. I can only imagine how fearful you are, but I truly believe this baby is going home with you!

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