Time to Get Packing!

Upon realizing that baby could arrive any day, I’ve realized that it’s time to actually pack a suitcase for baby!

If nothing else, I want to be able to grab baby’s suitcase and go. (That said, I should probably contemplate putting some stuff in a bag for Mr. MPB and I, as we will probably need some clothing too. But somehow we just don’t seem as important right now).

For baby, what I think we need is:

  • Baby clothing. Washed, folded and ready to wear.
  • Some bottles. Hopefully they work, if not we will just buy new ones
  • Microwave sanitizer steam bags. We have no idea if we’ll have a real kitchen, so being prepared to microwave will be a must.
  • Swaddle blankets.
  • Burp cloths and extra blankets.
  • Soothers / pacifiers.
  • Baby carrier.
  • Nail cutters and bath supplies.
  • Diaper bag with wet bag and change pad.
  • The special little gifts we’ve purchased for the potential birth mom.
  • My cute little age blocks, because weekly photos start on day 1.

And some baby things we plan to buy in the USA:

  • Diapers.
  • Wipes.
  • Formula.
  • Travel bassinet so baby has a safe place to sleep in the hotel. Oddly, not many are sold in Canada and the ones commonly sold in the USA seem a lot nicer.
  • USA infant car seat. Due to the different regulations in Canada and the USA we are buying one in the USA and then a friend is loaning us one that their child just grew out of. We will try to donate the USA one before we come home since it makes no sense to throw out a perfectly good car seat that will only be used for a few weeks. (Also, I have an irrational fear of having to return a car seat if everything falls through, so I am putting this off until the very last second possible).

And of course anything else we discover we need we will just have to buy in the USA. I’m sure we will rely on Amazon for a lot and one of us will make quick trips to Target/Walmart as needed.

The majority of the stuff we I plan to put under the plane when we travel.  The absolute necessities (camera, some clothing, sanitizer bags, age blocks, gifts, baby carrier, bottles) will go in a smaller carry-on size bag so that we are ready right away in case our luggage gets lost.

I still cannot believe this is all happening…

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54 Comments on “Time to Get Packing!

  1. Honestly, I can’t believe it either! From, “why aren’t they being picked?” To, “holy crap, they’ve got a match!”…. All in a few weeks. Unreal!

    This is so exciting!

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  2. Yessssss! Love that suitcase shot! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    What carrier did you get? We have the Moby Wrap and the Ergo. The Moby Wrap was too annoying to put on and too hot for a summer baby, so I don’t think we’ll use that much this time. And the Ergo Lettie hated, but next baby might not. But anyway, I’m looking for one to replace the Moby, so am interested to hear what other people have. I hear the Sakura Bloom is awesome, but it’s $$$$.

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    • We have and really like the ergo performance (as opposed to the original or organic “standard” ergo which I found very uncomfortable), but we recently got a Tula for dd1 (toddler size) and LOVE it. If we didn’t already have an ergo, moby wrap, and baby Bjorn for dd2 to use, I’d get a Tula.

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      • Thanks! Can the babies face outwards in the Tula? That was Lettie’s main beef with the ergo. She did not want to be looking at my chest, she wanted to watch the world.

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      • Dd1 still loves to be facing me on the front rather than being on my back, and with our winters, the facing me was a must, as she’d need to be sheltered from the weather.

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      • There is a new ergo out called the Ergo 360 and it does forward facing. We will be using that after newborn stage. For newborn stage we are going to try the hug-a-Bub which is a popular baby wrap in AUS.

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    • I loved the baby ktan in the mesh material so it is breathable in the summer! Like the ergo bit mostly prewrapped. You don’t have to drag it thru puddles ;).

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    • Funny… I loved the Moby wrap when Chick was really little. It was more malleable so he could settle into whatever position was most comfortable (all while maintaining access to airways, of course.) He was, also, too tiny for the structured carriers when he was first born, so we couldn’t really move into the Becco (which I love) for some months.

      Regardless, I do love me some carriers. Like snuggling and walking at the same time!

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  3. Ok, so you must know by now that I am SO EXCITED for the MPB household!!!! And I am dying over the little boots!! I’m anxiously waiting for you to tell us baby is here, what name you picked, EVERYTHING!!!

    Can you share your registry info again, lovey??

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  4. OMG those boots are the cutest!!! I hope you have everything you need with you so that you don’t have to make too many trips to the store here in the US! 😉

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  5. So excited for you! I can’t wait for details of the baby and pictures!!! I do hope you can eventually post a picture if your little nugget!!

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  6. I am so, so excited! Also, as far as car seats, if you felt comfortable, there are very often NIB (new in box) carseats for sale on Craigslist because people got two for their baby shower. Might check it out when you arrive! Can’t wait for your trip!

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  7. I cannot imagine the excitement when you’ll actually be on that plane. It’s just INSANE. I am just over the moon for you. I don’t think you’ll sleep a wink the first few nights, just be up staring at him in disbelief! SO AMAZING!

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  8. Every time I read an update from you I let out a fan girl shout lol. As a new-ish mommy, I wanted to share some product ideas with you that are eventual momma tried, tested and approved. 1) Doctor browns bottles with the preemie nipples. They are wonderful at preventing air bubbles in the tummy and the vent on the inside helps with paced bottle feeding. 2) Store brand formula is the exact same as the name brand formula, just in different packaging. As long as baby MPB doesn’t have any allergies or anything, you can save a pretty penny using the store brand formula. Also, powdered formula is more cost effective but ready to feed is easier. You may also want to get some bottled water. You don’t need fancy shmancy nursery water, regular drinking water is fine. 3) Tommee Tippee pacifiers are what I recommend I was reading something about the shape of the pacifier nipple and it’s better than others. 4) Huggies little snugglers have the umbilical cord cutout. I love pampers, but Huggies have treated us better. The hospital will have diapers though too. Most hospitals give size 1 diapers, so if little man is on the tiny side, you may have to bring in your own newborn diapers. They also have formula as well. 5) A sound machine that plays white noise (and heartbeat) or a white noise app on your phone. This was a life saver the first few days of Luke’s life and then again at about 3 months or so. Blast the noise and it will get baby to calm down. 6) Get a rock and play instead of an actual bassinet. It keeps the baby at a slightly inclined position and if you get the one that auto rocks, it will help keep the little guy soothed while sleeping.

    You also might need a diaper bag. Bring clothes in both new born and 0-3 months just in case he’s a little bit bigger or smaller than you expect. Try America’s Best Value Inn. A lot of them have full kitchens available and so far have all been pretty good (the one’s we have stayed at). You can also sign up for their value card and get discounted rates and free room upgrades.

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  9. I have a ton of stuff (including bassinet) I can get to you if you’d like! Don’t bring too much, you can get most of what you need here, and flying with a baby requires enough “stuff!” They don’t travel light!!! I’m so happy for you!!!

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  10. If I can make one recommendation it would be don’t bother with nail clippers, pack baby nail files and MITTENS instead. Seriously, mittens. You probably won’t get around to doing anything about the nails right away (though if/when you do, you’ll be happier with the files) so the mittens are on constantly. Amora wore mittens 24/7 for about a week, and we had ZERO when she was born. I actually had to send a family member out to buy a pack when they visited us in the hospital. So incredibly happy for you guys!

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    • I second this comment. Nail file not clippers is the way to go. Also my now 1 month old would. Or keep the mittens on but the newborn size clothes with the fold over cuff has been brilliant. Keeps her from scratching up her face. Also good luck with those adorable shoes. I can’t even get mine to keep socks on her feet.

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      • I third this but also suggest you buy Piyo Piyo nail scissors on Amazon. They are so much easier to use that clippers and they are safe–I tried cutting my finger with them (to test before I used them on the baby)-m and couldn’t!

        Those boots are adorable but I have a feeling your little man will swim in them. I never realized how tiny newborn feet are until I had my girl. 😀 Don’t be surprised if those don’t fit for a while!

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  11. You might just be able to get a crib from the hotel you stay at. Most hotels supply a crib for free or a low fee. We’ve always used them with our babies while traveling since it cuts back on what we have to bring.

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  12. Once you have your sweet baby, everything else that has happened to you will make sense. It was all a journey to get right where you are! Can’t wait to cyber meet your baby!!!!

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  13. Um… YAY! So very excited that you’re here. It must be so hard to stay optimistic, so just enjoy this moment. It’s a glorious one.

    Pro-tip: You can take most everything in the hospital room that isn’t nailed down. Diapers, wipes, the snot-remover-bulb-thingy… Most of those things can’t be reused, so after they are in your room, they’ll often get trashed. Yes, you feel like a klepto, but better that these items go home with you than in the bin.

    Also… I don’t normally recommend products, but I loved the Arms Reach Cosleeper. (http://www.amazon.com/Arms-Reach-Concepts-Co-Sleeper-Bassinet/dp/B00DMCYENW) You can travel with it (though admittedly, it is a bear to put up.) The reason I loved it so much was because I could lower the side and attach it to the side of our bed. In the middle of the night when Chick need reassurance, I could just put my hand out and touch his face. Okay when I needed reassurance… let’s be honest.

    It’s not much to look at, but it was one of the things I bought that I loved most. I almost wish Chick would still sleep in it now, so I could just roll over and stare at his lovely little face!

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  14. Hey, we just did this too! ☺️ unfortunately we are still waiting… Hoping to go home soon though and really looking forward to that first quiet day we have together at the house. It’s what’s keeping me going now.

    You and I may end up with baby boys just a few days apart! Good luck with packing. It’s overwhelming, but once it’s all together you feel better. We also bought a boppy newborn lounger for the hotel etc on the way home since we couldn’t fit a bouncer (not that he will be put down much!). The travel bassinet we have is the summer infant one that goes in between you on the bed. Haven’t used it yet, but I like it. And don’t forget to buy the accompanying sheets! Also, when you’re in the US, buy a little souvenir from where he is born. We have these “Good Night [State/City]” board books that I really love. I have one for Connecticut where my husband grew up, one for Cape Cod where I grew up, and once we got here I bought one from a local bookstore since this will be the baby’s birth state. Each book covers all the local landmarks of the state and/or city, and I have even seen USA and Canada ones! If you can’t find them in a bookstore, check Amazon because they have them all too. Good luck!! 💗

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  15. I highly recommend the arms reach co-sleeper for the bed bassinet. It’s small and perfect for traveling. It’s absolutely great for newborns 🙂 just a suggestion

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  16. I can’t believe it either! I’ve missed some of your posts…this is happening so fast for you! What is the babies sex? I see boyish stuff so I’m thinking boy. When is he due? I can’t wait for pictures!!!

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  17. Yay yay yay! I was getting so frustrated for you when you weren’t getting picked, and now you are packing to go get your baby! Make sure to take a few different sizes of clothes-my Bub was too big for newborn stuff and went straight into 0-3 months! And you really can’t have too many burp cloths.

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  18. Having been thinking about you lots and hoping things are going well. It was your blog that inspired my husband and I to attend an adoption seminar here. Thank you.

    I had to take down my old blog (Waiting for Baby Bray) but it is up again livingwithbabyloss.wordpress.com if you are interested. 🙂

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  19. Congratulations! How exciting! However lovely those little boots are, they seem to be about the size of a one year old and would be uncomfortable and cold for a newborn. Also, they (likely) won’t stay on as the little baby feet will get out of them in no time. Newborns are seriously small! Warm, soft booties are the way to go for a small baby. Just a little hint if you have little space in your luggage, maybe you want to save it for something more useful.

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    • Thank you for your comment! Yes, the boots are probably not very practical, but we do feet & shoe photos when we travel so they will likely look great in a photo. And baby will be part of our family feet photos for the rest of his life so we have to get started early. ☺


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