Sunday Fun Day: A Good Week

This week, I felt like I slowed down.  I worked, but I also played.  We spent time outside with our dog.  We cooked fresh home made meals almost every night.  I even voluntarily went shopping (I hate shopping) and purchased a few new pieces of clothing that make me feel great – it helps that they were almost all on sale for ridiculously good prices including Miss Me jeans for 50% off; they all look good; and, they are a few sizes smaller then I was wearing at the peak of my weight gain due to RPL.

And then yesterday, was a good busy day.  We helped an amazing friend move during the day.  I never find moving to be a tonne of fun, yet it felt great to help a friend making such a beautiful transition in life (more on that tomorrow, I think).

When we left my friend’s new house we made a quick stop at home to shower and we were were off to spend a wonderful evening together just the two of us.  We were running a bit later then we planned so we stopped for a quick drink and an appetizer before going to the Orchestra.  We happen to know someone involved in the orchestra so we ended up going behind the scenes afterwards and had just an amazing time!

And then today I woke up to a beautiful Sunday morning.  Mr. MPB let me sleep in and when I finally did wake up, it was to a snuggling Mr. MPB.  Is there any better way to start a day?  And then, by the time I showered and appeared downstairs he had breakfast made and waiting for me.  And now he is outside working in the yard and I am wrapped up on the couch under a cozy blanket reading and writing.  It truly is the perfect Sunday morning.

20150927 - Sunday Fun Day_5

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18 Comments on “Sunday Fun Day: A Good Week

  1. Glad you were able to slow down this week! I hope that means you’re learning to pace yourself. 🙂 Hopefully this coming week will be just as good for you!


  2. Ooooooo backstage at the orchestra! Tres fancy 😉 (sorry my keyboard doesn’t have easy to find accents. I was a French major so know that one is supposed to be there! lol). It sounds like you had the perfect week. Can you teach me how to make the perfect omlette please? That one looks amazing. Mine NEVER turn out like that. NEVER. xx


    • We didn’t intend to go back stage, but when we were invited we clearly said yes! 🙂
      I cannot teach you how to make the perfect omlette, as every single time I try mine turn out burnt and horrible. In fact, it’s not a food I don’t even attempt to cook. However, Mr. MPB will, you just have to come visit!


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