Awake & Thankful

I’ve been wide awake since about 4am. I woke up in part because the house was so quiet which resulted in panic when Sadie wasn’t sleeping on in her normal spot, right next to our bed.  The crazy voice in my head went straight to, did we leave her outside when she went out for her evening pee break?  Oh my, is she freezing?  (After a walk around the house, I determined that she is currently sound asleep on her bed in the living room, presumably dreaming of bunnies and squirrels).

Anyways, moving on.

After reading A Calm Persistence’s post about her middle of the night positive perspective, I’ve decided to share a list of 10 things I’m grateful for today.  And, when I start to get grouchy at about 2pm today due to my lack of sleep, I’m going to use it to remind myself to smile and be grateful (and hopefully not take out my exhaustion on Mr. MPB who based on his current snoring will be well rested and presumably annoyingly cheerful all day long).

Photo Source (Adapted from original): Clip Art

Photo Source (Adapted from original): Clip Art

1. Normally I can sleep through the entire night.  I can sleep in.  Unless I am catching a plane to somewhere exotic, I do not believe I should ever have to be awake at the ungodly hour of 4am.  This sleep thing is one the benefits of not having children, and it may be one of the only benefits I really enjoy!  So, while I’m awake now, I promise I treasure my restful nights and glorious afternoon naps.

2. Our health.  Yes, we’ve dealt with some pretty shitty medical situations this last few years, but in the scheme of things we are both healthy.  Neither Mr. MPB or I are facing any sort of life threatening medical crisis. And this is pretty freaking awesome!

3. My cozy, comfy bed.  I may be awake in it right now, but I am also so comfortable and warm.

4. My true friends.  I am so blessed to have some pretty amazing people in my life.  One such friend said to me the other day, I don’t really understand and often say the wrong thing, but I hope you know I love you and all I want is for good things to come your way.  She has the kindest heart which I am confident is made of pure gold.

5. My blogging friends and support network.  I truly had no idea that such a community exists, and I am so incredibly thankful I found you all and that you have all welcomed me with open arms.  While I may not recognize many of you if we passed on the street, I feel such a strong kindred connection to many of you.  And, I am forever thankful that we support each other through the good and the bad.

6. The beautiful snow that is currently falling outside.  After a winter reprieve of beautiful weather, virtually all our snow melted.  And while I enjoy a warm break from the winter, no snow makes for a very ugly city.  The grass is brown.  The roads are sloppy.  The sidewalks turn to ice from the freeze-thaw cycle of night and day. So, while the return of snow means it’s likely to be cold outside again, it also means that the return of winter beauty.  Maybe we’ll venture outside today for a family walk to enjoy.

7. The simple things.  I am thankful that I am able to see and enjoy the simple moments in life.  Weather it be our return to fitness, an email from a friend, a cute pair of socks, a home cooked meal, or a mid-day kiss from Mr. MPB, I am thankful for each and every single simple moment.

8. I love good food!  And tonight, we are heading out to a 5 star restaurant for some delicious food with great company.  Even if I’m tired, at least I know we will have a fun evening.

9. While I may not say it often, I am thankful for our families, quirks and all.  At times I feel like I complain about them a lot, but honestly, I am thankful for those we do have in our lives. Our extended families is small, and do not live close to us, but honestly we are blessed in so many ways. I am thankful my Aunt sends me little emails every now and again just to say hi.  I am thankful my brother has two wonderful little boys who bring so much happiness to the entire family.  I am thankful Mr. MPB’s brother (and his wife) are such amazing people.  I am thankful everyone is excited for us to adopt.

10. I am thankful my future will include Mr. MPB.  I am thankful that we chose to pursue adoption, even if at times the waiting feels like it’s going to take forever. After so much sadness for so long, I am thankful that we can look forward with excitement and anticipation.   I am thankful I can now walk past the room and look forward to one day having it filled with laughter of a beautiful child.  I am thankful that our future will include children.

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13 Comments on “Awake & Thankful

  1. It’s amazing that at 4am you’re not grumpy (as I would be). Instead, you’re writing gratitude lists! Perhaps this is real hard evidence that things are shifting, and you are creating your own happiness. It’s a beautiful thing to wake up and realize that life is good. PS- I’m excited for you and that dinner tonight!!! I’m hungry just thinking about it!


  2. A beautiful list and mine would be very similar if I wrote one. Enjoy your dinner tonight…we’re supposed to work on taxes today. My LEAST favorite thing about being self employed…grrr. 😦 Definitely not grateful for taxes, lol.


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