#100HappyDays Continued – Days 202 – 208

Another week of photos for your viewing pleasure.

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed each moment.

Day 202 – January 24, 2015: Mr. MPB and I went on a little shopping adventure today to the look at Fly Fishing stuff today. He bought some materials for fly tying and I played with these feathers while he shopped. Although in very different ways, I think we both had a happy time.

20150201 - 100HappyDays_Day202

Day 203 – January 25, 2015: A quick stop at Starbucks on our way to a day of volunteering for a local non-profit organization. My drink of choice – extra hot, non-fat, chai tea latte. Mr. MPB’s drink – skinny vanilla latte. As always it was yummy and I was happy!

20150201 - 100HappyDays_Day203

Day 204 – January 26, 2015: Oh Costco, how do I love the? I generally despise shopping, but I really do enjoy finding deals and loading up on everything we need/want at Costco. Today, I found a great deal on one of my favourite childhood books of poetry (Where the Sidewalk Ends) and my favourite Calvin Kline skinny jeans returned after being gone for nearly 2 years.  I left very happy and slightly poorer!

20150201 - 100HappyDays_Day204

Day 205 – January 27, 2015: Mr. MPB made the most yummy pork ribs drizzled in a home made BBQ sauce for supper tonight.  Just looking at the picture makes me want to return to the happy moment of eating them!

20150201 - 100HappyDays_Day205

Day 206 – January 28, 2015:  Who isn’t happy eating delicious left over pizza from one of the best authentic think crust Italian pizza places in the city?

20150201 - 100HappyDays_Day206

Day 207 – January 29, 2015: Today, Sadie and I went for a wonderful afternoon walk in unseasonably warm weather.  On our stroll I noticed that the moon was hanging vibrantly in the bight blue sky up above.  Noticing a moment like this is one of the simple pleasures that this happy day project has brought to my life.

20150201 - 100HappyDays_Day207

Day 208 – January 30, 2015:  Today was not particularly exciting in a photographic way.  But, we did decide to treat ourselves to some delicious beer, a drink we virtually never have anymore.  Maple Shack was the favourite in the MPB household.

20150201 - 100HappyDays_Day208

Wishing everyone splendid happy moments!

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13 Comments on “#100HappyDays Continued – Days 202 – 208

  1. Oh wow- he makes his own BBQ a sauce!? That is amazing! Ribs are a favourite here at the mamaetmaman household. I also love Costco for its random deals!


    • Truth be told the home made BBQ sauce was out of necessity, because I forgot to buy some so there was none in the house. But it turned out great and might now be a go to item in our house if he can remember how he made it. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Loved seeing this – brings back great memories of all the times I visit the USA. I live in Ireland by the way, but visit stateside quite a bit. Starbucks has infiltrated our shores but sadly not Costco – I love Costco 😉


    • I am so happy you enjoyed the photos! I could make do without starbucks, but no Costco? I think I’d be lost.
      P.S. Ireland is very high on our list of places to travel. Hopefully one of these days we will get there.


  3. I should know better than to read these posts from you when I’m already hungry…now I want some ribs!!! We love Costco too!


  4. Your photos always make me happy and hungry. Love the fly-tying one… my husband’s stepfather is a huge fly fisherman and ties his own flies, and seeing all the supplies and the ready-made flies can be a lot of fun. I love the funky names of some of the flies. Love the moon, too.


  5. Okay, so are you a thin crust person?? I was raised outside of Chicago, so deep dish is my thing, though I will say, my time living in Brazil proved that thin crust can also be delightful. I mean…it’s pretty hard to mess up pizza, right??

    And that moon?!?!?

    With heart,


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