My Perfect Breakdown


I still recall as clear as day when we terminated our third pregnancy to potentially save my life.  I still remember how going into that abortion clinic, not once, but twice, basically changed my life.  At the time, I know that was my turning point.  Looking back, I still know that was my turning point.  My husband’s turning point came after our fourth loss which dragged out for nearly a month with almost daily… Read More

It’s currently after 2:30 am and I had a realization.  So, here I am, wide awake thinking.  And so, like many bloggers, I found myself turning on my computer and starting to write. Thanks to my post yesterday and the comments I received, I’ve realized that: I have not forgiven myself for our abortion. In a comment yesterday, someone posed the question “If instead of receiving a medically-necessary abortion, the choice was… Read More