My Perfect Breakdown


Honestly, this last week has been a challenge. Either we don’t remember how hard Dog MPB was at this age, Dog MPB was a saint puppy or it is entirely possible that Doodle MPB is a devil puppy. And I only say this because she cries/whines/howls/barks all the time. And I mean ALL THE TIME! It is so bad that the Adult MPB’s cannot hear ourselves think and Little MPB has taken… Read More

A few first puppy thoughts…. Doodle MPB is adorable!  She’s a little brown fuzzball. What was I thinking when I said an infant almost seems manageable?  A puppy who hates her crate is definitely a tiny reminder of just how hard infants are.  Mr. MPB and I already miss sleep, and we really aren’t very good at giving up sleep.  The only one who seems to sleep through her nighttime crying is… Read More