My Perfect Breakdown


This weekend we were supposed to visit friends who live 3 hours away, or 6 hours round trip. I told Mr. MPB I just cannot do it. You see, by Monday next week, I will have driven over 3200km (2000 miles) for 5 work meetings and 1 family event in less then 10 days.  And you know what, just the thought of sitting in the car for another 700km (450 miles) made… Read More

So, I often spend time with Baby MPB. We often have just mommy and Baby MPB time.  We go swimming.  We go to the grocery store together.  We go shopping to get things him, things for me and sometimes to get gifts for others in our lives (I’m trying to start Christmas shopping). We often have mommy and Baby MPB play dates with friends.  We go to the zoo with my friends… Read More