So, I often spend time with Baby MPB.

We often have just mommy and Baby MPB time.  We go swimming.  We go to the grocery store together.  We go shopping to get things him, things for me and sometimes to get gifts for others in our lives (I’m trying to start Christmas shopping).

We often have mommy and Baby MPB play dates with friends.  We go to the zoo with my friends and their kids.  We go shopping with friends too.  We go for coffee with friends. And sometimes we just go to friends house’s to visit.

Mr. MPB does not do this stuff as frequently as he tends to work more then I do and when he’s not working he tends to play with Baby MPB at home.  Yes, sometimes he goes to the grocery story with Baby MPB.  But he’s dislikes shopping even more then I do and he doesn’t go on nearly as many friend play dates.  And on weekends, we try to do things as a family.  So the reality is that I tend to have a bit more one-on-one time with Baby MPB.


But then the other day Mr. MPB and Baby MPB went on a play date with a friend and their child to a place we’ve never been before.  Mr. MPB planned to leave the house with Baby MPB specifically so that I could work, as I had too many deadlines at the same time and simply not enough time.  It was really very considerate.


But, as soon as they walked out of the door, I was miserable.

And then the ever considerate Mr. MPB sent me photos of the Baby MPB and his Baby Friend having fun together and I was even more unhappy.

Honestly rather then being happy that they were spending quality time together, I simply hated every single second of their Daddy-Baby time.

Then, I realized what was going on.

I was jealous! 

I wanted to go with them.

I wanted to be part of the friend fun time.

I’ll admit some days I like that I work as I like the mental stimulation and social aspects of working (even if I don’t always like my actual career choice).  But, on days like this, when my boys are out playing and I’m stuck working, I just hate it.

Sometimes being a working mom just sucks!

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10 Comments on “Jealousy

  1. My husband says this ALL the time. He’s very involved and loves doing things with the boys whenever he can, so missing out on the fun stuff sort of kills him. I, on the other hand, would love for him to just take them on a Saturday for hours without me, but he insists on family time. We’re very different.

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  2. Yeah, just like Courtney’s experience, my wife feels like she is missing out on things when I send her pictures of the baby and I doing something new. Seeing pictures of the fun they are having can totally make it worse… When my wife took the baby for a walk without me she decided not to show me a picture of the fun they were having until she got home because she didn’t want to make me feel sad that I had stayed home. She only did that because of how she feels when I send pics through the day.

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  3. I completely understand. My husband is home with them one day while I’m working and I just want play with them but I can’t. It sucks. Jealousy sucks

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  4. Aww, I totally know this feeling. Being a working parent is so, so hard sometimes. I feel like this all summer when Catch is off with Charlotte and it sucks.

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  5. FWIW, I envy your situation–strong career, working from home with flexible hours, solid income, opportunities to dress up and wear heels and feel important–plus it sounds like you do ALL the same stuff I do as a SAHM. I’m jealous of you. XOXO

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  6. So don’t blame you. I am a mainly SAHM ( run two businesses from home only during nap time and evenings) but I still get envious! A sign that you are a loving and doting mommy! Xo


  7. So weird – I was talking about this kind of situation with Chris yesterday. I think I will also be very jealous when I go on work trips and this scenario occurs! I think It’s going to be tough to get the right balance and is actually totally normal 😊

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  8. I am not a mom but I am a daughter…of a mom who never left us alone with dad. I completely understand that you dont like not sharing all the activities. Try to think of it this way…how would you feel if you never got one on one time…ever. How would this effect you relationship with your child ? I think its so important that kids get time with both parents. I never felt that connection with my dad that I have with my mom. As hard as it must be I think its important that children get time with each parent as well as family activities. I think its great your husband wants one on one time so many parents dont. You may miss out on a few activities but think of the bond those two will have…its so worth it. And it doesnt take away from what you have with him….and I am sure there are things a boy only talks to his dad about….and you want him to be comfortable enough and close enough to talk to him.

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