My Perfect Breakdown


In the complete madness of my life right now (due to too much work and too little time which I knowingly signed up for, so I really shouldn’t be complaining), I have decided Mr. MPB and I need an evening out together, since our last date night was back in 2016. I still don’t have any idea what our evening out will entail.  Do we just go out to dinner?  Do we… Read More

We have officially been married for 6 years.  Which makes us a couple for 15 years. Which makes me sit back and go wow, what a ride it’s been!!  University degree 1.  Move to a new city.  University degree 2.  House purchase 1.  Dog adoption.  Wedding.  Southeast Asia honeymoon.  House purchase 2.  House sale 1.  New York City trip to celebrate the start of our family (oh how naive we were).  Miscarriage… Read More