My Perfect Breakdown


I know for many this Christmas season is especially hard.  Many people are longing for a baby in their arms, waiting through a miscarriage, remembering lost family members, etc.  Sadly, this season is not happy for all. This season, while meant to bring families together to create happy memories, just doesn’t always work that way. For me, I have not forgotten my childhood Christmas’ before my mom and sister died – the magic of the season. … Read More

This Christmas is unlike any Christmas I’ve ever experienced before.  This year, I will see Christmas through the eyes of my son, which is truly remarkable and something I will not take for granted. Yet, I also do not want to pretend that it will be picture perfect. For starters, we are doing the insane family juggle that we’ve boycotted for the last 5 years.  Our crazy starts on December 23 and doesn’t end… Read More