My Perfect Breakdown


To all the young mothers here who are busy pro-creating and making us old folks all grandparents. Yup, in a group of about 20 people I listened that to that toast this weekend. Yup, I swallowed hard, my skin crawled and I kept quiet… Until…. Another young lady who has no children said loud enough for everyone to hear  “there’s no way I’m drinking to that!”  And her husband said quietly to… Read More

So, I realize I’m new to this parenting thing.  But, I have a bone to pick with some other parents – probably not a lot of the ones who read my blog though. Even if you are being sarcastic or trying to be funny, please just don’t tell me: to remember these days for when Baby MPB is 2 years old and I hate him.  I take issue with this statement, and… Read More