My Perfect Breakdown


Yesterday I briefly touched on some of the questions I’m often asked.  But, I intentionally left one out, because I think it deserve an entire post of it’s own. When Will You Tell Him He’s Adopted? This question is a new question for me.  It’s just been asked on two occasions both in the last two weeks. Each time, it’s surprised me.  In fact, I’ve fumbled with my answer because to me… Read More

I’ve been so consumed by the world of recurrent pregnancy loss and infertility for so long now, that I’ve come to accept or at least tolerate all the helpful comments people offer us: Just relax and it will work next time. Just get a surrogate. Just do IVF.  That helps people get pregnant all the time. Why not just be foster parents or adopt. Just eat more pineapples. Buy ovulation sticks, they… Read More