Odd Dream

Last night I had a dream.  Which is actually pretty rare for me, or at least the fact that I remember the dream is pretty rare.

I found a nearly two year old wondering around our house – he was the cutest and happiest little guy in the world, with big brown eyes and longish brown hair. 

We called everyone, police included.  It turned out the little one was dropped off for us to raise by someone who had left the country and we were recommended to talk to our adoption agency. So talk we did – there was lots of crying too.

How could someone just leave a child in a foreign country?  And why not talk to us first?  How do they know us and why did they choose us?  Will the birth parents be at all involved in this child’s life?  What has his life so far been like?  

Mr. MPB and I knew we couldn’t say no to this child who basically fell out of the sky and into our arms.  We quickly became a family of 4.

Little MPB was a wonderful brother, except on the very first joint daycare drop-off day when he didn’t want to share his friends and pushed his new little brother away.  

First I must say, having been through the international adoption process, I realize absolutely nothing about my dream is possible (nor should it be).  But clearly dreams are not based in reality.

I have no understanding of what dreams mean, but I do know this one made me wonder if my heart will ever be fully okay with our decision/reality that we will only have 1 child?  I truthfully think a part of me will always long for a second child.

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7 Comments on “Odd Dream

  1. Awww… this is so bittersweet. It reminds me of the dream I had after our daughter died that it was all a mistake and she was fine. She was a totally adorable and sweet child (instantaneously walking and talking, of course.) It was such a vivid dream, and so sad to wake up and realize it wasn’t true. I think dreams are often a way of working through our wishes and desires — of course it’s natural that you’d be dreaming about that second child you’ve longed for. I wish it would work out for you somehow.

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    • Thank you for sharing, it’s interesting that you point out the dreams about your daughter. I have the same dream about my mom and sister’s deaths just being a big mistake and they are both fine or sometimes it’s just one of them fine in the dream. And this is my first ever dream about a future child. I never knew these types of dreams were a thing?

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      • I didnt want to write this , but maybe it was one or all of your babies manifesting in youe dreams telling you, that they are happy?
        I have had such weird dreams too, and to be honest, they shake my badly. i dont like them.


  2. Dreams are so weird. Last week I had a dream that I gave birth to this kid, without even having to push, she just kinda fell out. But it wasn’t a baby, it was a puppy. That’s the very short version…but what in the world!?!? I’m sure yours was just your subconscious letting you know that you do still wish you could have another child, whether or not that will ever come to fruition. I’ve had strange dreams, and very real dreams, my whole life. I’d love to know what they all mean!


  3. I have always been obsessed with dreams and often find myself trying to analyze mine and everyone else’s dreams. I think a lot of what we dream is about things that weigh on our subconscious every day. Even though we may not be actively thinking about them the thoughts and desires are always with us. Obviously this dream is something that weighs heavy on your heart and mind. It is a lovely dream and I so wish your desires were that easy to fulfill in reality.


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