The Post Visit Summary

By all measures, the weekend with Mr. MPB’s parents went pretty well. And compared to some of the horrible visits we’ve had in the past, some might even say it went exceptionally well.

They arrived late on Friday evening – after Little MPB was in bed. But, I was also away with work and didn’t get home until even later then they did. So by the time I got home it was late in the evening and there wasn’t much time for more then the customary welcome hugs and a little chat.

Saturday, we planned for me to work. I’m horribly behind on my work, so a few hours of extra work on the weekend would really help my next week. And, since Mr. MPB’s parents and I don’t always see eye to eye, giving them all time together without me just seemed like a win-win for everyone. That said, I did join on one family outing to a playground, and I visited over lunch and in the evening. So, I didn’t completely avoid them, and it didn’t feel (at least not to me) like I was obviously trying to ditch them. We were all polite and got along, and I think key to this was that we didn’t really have the opportunity to wear on each other’s nerves. I’d say it worked out pretty well.

Sunday, they planned to leave first thing in the morning. They didn’t, which didn’t surprise either Mr. MPB or I. But we had a great morning together as we spent the day in the mountains. And the mountains always rejuvenate my heart and soul.

My biggest thoughts on the weekend were:

  • By spending some time working on my own, I didn’t feel smothered by them. It gave me some much needed time away.
  • Mr. MPB helped with cleaning up. In fact, truth be told, I did very little compared to normal. Mr. MPB did most of the meal prep, cooking and helped with clean-up. So, for once I didn’t feel like a maid waiting on everyone hand and foot. This obviously put me in a better mood.
  • Little MPB was a tad bit slow to warm up to his grandparents but that’s to be expected when he hasn’t seen then in over 9 months. That said, once he warmed up to them, he had such a great time! When we were leaving to go on our family outing, he yelled Grandpa, put on your shoes! because he wanted to make sure he was coming with us and everyone else had their shoes on already. When we were getting into the car on the way home he said Grandma sit here, as he pointed to the seat next to him. He clearly wanted to spend with them, which was great to see!
  • Wine helps. I had a glass of wine Friday night when I got home. And Saturday at lunch I had a beer. And Saturday in the evening I had a bit more wine. Nothing over the top, but just enough.

All this said, after the last week of unexpected house guests, we are closing Hotel MPB for at least a few weeks. Our long-term summer guest is obviously still welcome, but no-one else is

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4 Comments on “The Post Visit Summary

  1. I always work when my in-laws come to town! We get along all right, but the time apart REALLY makes the shorter time together (meals, short outings, etc.) MUCH more pleasant. Being with them 24/7 does not work for me!

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