Adorable Words

There are few words Little MPB is currently saying that are absolutely adorable.

First he loves to say It’s De-licious.  He does not say yummy, in fact if we say yummy he tends to correct us with it’s de-licious.  It’s beyond adorable.  I have no idea where he learned it, but I suspect daycare.  (For the record he does say I no like it to some of the food we put in front of him, even if it’s what he asked for and is something he loves).

Second is his use of the word Beau-tee-ful.  It’s adorable how he hits the t.  He tends to only announce that flowers are beau-tee-ful, which makes me want to have flowers in the house more frequently. Again, I have no idea where he learned it it.  But it sure is precious.

Thirdly, this week every single day he announces Happy Mothers Day.  Asides from a fancy waffle, strawberry and whip cream breakfast on mother’s day we didn’t do anything special and we haven’t mentioned mother’s day since then.  Yet, he keeps saying Happy Mother’s Day to me and Mr. MPB.  It melts my heart that I get to hear these words, although truthfully I think it’s because he wants the special breakfast again.

Honestly, these things melt my heart.  They make me smile and laugh and remind me just how thankful I am that Little MPB completed our family.

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6 Comments on “Adorable Words

  1. Oh my how cute!!! It’s so funny when they say things and you have no idea where they learned them. I think it makes it even more cute!!!

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