Bonafide Little Person

Something has happened in the last month – asides from me being slightly exhausted and making the silly/stupid decision to introduce potty training to our lives.

This something, as a first time parent, is something I just didn’t expect.  I’m guessing a lot of other first time parents don’t expect it either?  Or maybe other parents are just smarter then me?  Either way, here’s what has happened:

Little MPB has become a bonafide little person. 

He mimics everything we say.  He mimics everything we do.  He talks about everything.  He follows simple instructions.  He also selectively ignores simple instructions at times.  He moves furniture/toys to places he wants them.  He paraphrases books.  He asks for things he wants. He tells us what he wants for dinner.  He describes what he’s doing or wants to do.  He tells us what his toys are doing, as in imaginative play.

He’s done a lot of these things independently for a while.  But it’s like something has clicked and he just does these things, all the time.  It’s just his normal behavior.

Sure he still gets some words confused – like he says out, when he means out, up or down (as in, let me out of being on the ground or out of your arms).  So he clearly still has a few more things to learn in life.  But, he’s figuring it all out, and he’s doing all this significant learning right NOW.

I’m not sure what light-bulbs went off in his head, or why everything has started to come together so well right now, but it’s fascinating!

It’s truly the most amazing growth in development I’ve seen so far in my short mommy life.  Sure learning to roll over and walking were neat development milestones.  But something about this cognitive development has been exceptionally fascinating to me. I cannot lie, it’s exciting to watch!

And, it reminds me just how lucky I am to be Little MPB’s mom.  Nothing makes me happier then seeing him learn and explore the world.

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8 Comments on “Bonafide Little Person

  1. I had the exact same thoughts as you last night when I was cooking dinner and H insisted that he wanted to help me. He says “my do” instead of “i do” when he demands he needs to help with something. I set him up on a barstool at the counter and he helped me mix marinade and then spread it on the chicken. My mind was seriously blown over this. Where did this little person come from?! He’s also now wanting to do things himself instead of have us help. It makes things take infinitely longer now, but it’s amazing watching him working hard to figure it out. I completely agree with you that this is the most amazing, coolest, growth development stage we have gone through!!


  2. Honestly, this is probably one of the proudest moments I’ve had as a mom.. seeing my toddler put all the pieces together and become this little human 😘 now, just wait until he starts to demand what he wants and have meltdowns because he doesn’t get it 🙄 that’s probably the hard part. They are now learning what they want and will get mad when they don’t get it.
    Good for you doing the potty training thing.. our now 3 year old understands the potty but doesn’t want ANY part of it. We need to bite the bullet and just do it.. I just don’t know if I have the energy right now at the end of my maternity leave. Eh


  3. Amazing, isn’t it? One of my nephews is the most empathetic 5 year old I’ve ever known, and he is constantly amazing me with his social and cognitive development. This summer, Mr. Big and I had a ball tournament and I picked him up after to take him to my parents house. And once he was in the car, seated, he looks up at me and asks “So, how was baseball? Did the rain hold out?”. ERMAGAD. I almost died from the cuteness…he was making small talk (what 4 year old boy makes small talk???)…like a little grown up or something. It actually brought me to tears with how amazing it is to watch these little people develop into the complex human beings they are. We are so, so blessed!


  4. Awwww, little MPB! What an amazing time of life! The coolest thing is that you have even more awesomeness to look forward to — just imagine when he can ask you “why” questions and starts to wonder about how things work. I am so excited for those conversations with our actual little people! Seriously, it is just amazing to me as a parent to think about how every little kid is just this miracle of consciousness and curiosity — they are both the most normal thing in the world, and the most amazing thing in creation, all wrapped up into one!

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  5. Love this post! Especially since Hope and I are going through a teenager version of this. It’s so exciting to wake up and see this new version of your kid! Enjoy every moment.


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