My Perfect Breakdown


Something has happened in the last month – asides from me being slightly exhausted and making the silly/stupid decision to introduce potty training to our lives. This something, as a first time parent, is something I just didn’t expect.  I’m guessing a lot of other first time parents don’t expect it either?  Or maybe other parents are just smarter then me?  Either way, here’s what has happened: Little MPB has become a bonafide little… Read More

Remember a few months ago when I shared how worried I have been about Little MPB’s lack of clear words? Well, it turns out I’ve had good reason to be concerned as he has officially missed his first ever developmental milestone.  He is 2 words short of the minimum word count for his age.  And, with this miss, our GP didn’t hesitate on referring Little MPB to a pediatrician and who works… Read More