A No-Good, Horribly Rotten Day

You know the kind of day where you wish you could just crawl back into bed, forget everything that’s happened and hide until tomorrow?  Yesterday was one of those days. 

It all started late the night beforr night. I stayed up way past my bed time (big mistake).  Then the dog seemed to start having stomach issues, which of course started at 12:00am, just when I wanted to go to sleep.  As I was still awake and Mr. MPB was asleep, I took the role of backdoor opener as she needed outdoor bathroom breaks every 20-30 minutes.  We kept this up until about 2:00am when she seemed to be feeling better.

Of course she didn’t settle in for the night, just for a few hours.  At 4:00am, she started the constant need for bathroom breaks over again.  This time, Mr. MPB took the role of door opener while I attempted to sleep.  But the dog’s MO changed at 4:30am she puked multiple times all over the carpeted floor just outside of Little MPB’s room.  Evidently Little MPB, who can sleep through home renovation projects, cannot sleep through the dog puking. 

So, our day started rather early.  Neither of the Adult MPBs were happy at this point.

Eventually we got ourselves organized enough for Mr. MPB to drop Little MPB off at daycare.  And I called the vet to book an appointment for that day – she actually had her yearly check-up scheduled for Thursday so we just moved up the appointment.  After last night I was not waiting until thursday and decided she needed to see a vet ASAP – you see, she hasn’t been eating much lately which isn’t typical for our 90lbs dog.  But, add in the puking and I know something is wrong.

Anyways, off to the vet the dog and I go.  The dog is now on all kinds of things to help her stomach with a possible ulcer (irony of that is not lost on my and the vet assures me that dogs and people don’t transfer ulcers between them).  And we are told to come back in 3 days if she’s not eating more and behaving more appropriately. 

So the dog and I head home, a quick 5 minute drive.  Well, evidently the dog needed to puke again. because why not puke in my car (which is always rather clean)?  I absolutely could not safely stop my car and get her out before the vomit started.  My car got covered in dog puke. 

As my precious car was being puked on I called Mr. MPB (hands free of course) and he started the search for someone to de-puke (i.e. detail) my car immediately because I can assure you dog puke in a car on a hot day does not smell good.  Then, while driving and talking to Mr. MPB I had to push the dogs head away from me as she started puking directly on me.  At this point Mr. MPB just laughed, because I’m sure if I weren’t the one being puked on, it would have been a rather entertaining phone call. 

I got home and dropped off the dog.  Mr. MPB shoved some of her drugs into her and we began emptying out my car for the trip to the de-puking company – remove the car seat, the stroller, a spare sweater, 3 pairs of work shoes (who has 3 pairs of work shoes in their car?) and my winter emergency kit (I guess I’ve just been extra prepared for an unexpected snowstorm this summer).

Of course the only place that could take my car was on the other side of the city.  So, I then crossed the city and spent hours sitting in the coldest coffee shop in the world (without a sweater) waiting for my car to be de-puked.  While waiting I got horrible news for one of my clients, and I expect to be giving him advice to close his business and essentially go bankrupt. I like the guy, and it breaks my heart to be the barer of such news.  And even more troubling is that while sitting in the freezing cold coffee shop, the vet’s other comment really started to settle in…if our dog needs to go back in 3 days they will be looking for cancer, probably liver cancer.

What are the chances yesterday was just some sort of comically bad dream?

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29 Comments on “A No-Good, Horribly Rotten Day

  1. Ugh! That’s terrible! We just spent hours in the vet ER on a Sunday, of course, to find out our dog was puking blood (in the only carpeted room) because she ate a pacifier. I hope she’s ok and just had a very upset stomach.

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  2. Omg, you have so many of my sympathies over this. I have made the same mistake, staying up later than I should and then something or someone means I end up awake for another hour or two, all the while precious sleep slipping away. And your poor dog – I really hope this is just some horrible virus. And puke in the car – oh lordy. It’s just so horrible. At least little MBP was at daycare – can you imagine the stress with a small person involved also!! Makes me shudder to even think. Fingers crossed for rapid improvement.


  3. Will be thinking about your doggy. We had a pet scare two week ago when one of our dogs became paralyzed. An expensive trip to the ER revealed Lyme disease but with med she is now walking and jumping like usual. I hope your pooch can recover too!


  4. Oh no!!! Hopefully your dog is feeling better very soon, and things are looking better by the time 3 days rolls around. Also hope you all get some sleep tonight!!!


  5. I definitely understand these kind of days. I’m sorry you had a bad day. I guess it happens to us all and we just have to get through them! Be strong and stay positive as much as you can! Prayers for your doggy.


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