The Mystery Injury

So, little MPB has a swollen eye.  At first we thought maybe it was the start of pink eye.  But then when he woke up the next morning and it was completely bruised, not pink.  In fact, the white of his eyes looks completely white and the bruising is all around the eye. So we have determined that this is essentially his first black eye.

As someone who has not had many (if any?) black eyes in my life, I have to admit that it looks unbelievably painful.  I have to admit, I’m really not a fan of my little boy being hurt.  And I’m especially not a fan of him having a black eye!!  But he doesn’t seem bothered by it.  In fact, I don’t think he even knows his eye is hurt.

But, the real problem is that we have absolutely no idea how he hurt himself?  It’s a complete mystery to us.

We called daycare and questioned them – they have no record of him falling or bumping himself (and considering the daycare case has given us incident reports in the past to notify us of his tumbles, we do think they’d tell us).

Both Mr. MPB and I are sure we never saw him fall.

So, how the heck does my little boy have a black eye?!


I wont lie, we did have a serious discussion about, what if it’s not pink eye and not from a toddler stumble?  What if he has something in his eye that’s causing the problem?  After our discussion we decided that it’s really just a black eye, which is likely due to our toddler not toddling so well (which is still a very common occurrence).  And so after initially over reacting we decided against another very likely unnecessary eye related trip to the emergency room.  But, I wont lie, there was a legitimate discussion about a trip to the doctor/emergency room.

Interestingly Mr. MPB is more upset about the mystery nature of this injury then I am.  I’m taking the approach that he’s a little boy and even if we are in the same room with him there are moments we take our eyes off of him, so these things can happen.  And really, these things are bound to happen and thankfully its not worse.

So, once we talked ourselves out of a trip to the doctor and we watched Little MPB for over an hour to see that he really doesn’t seem to know he’s hurt, we decided to proceed with our normal day.  We took Little MPB to Daycare and had the Daycare manager confirm that she doesn’t think it’s pink eye (we would not have dropped him off, nor would they have accepted him if he had suspected pink eye).  Daycare has promised to call for me to pick him up if he acts weird or his eye looks worse.

And so, Little MPB is now happily playing with his friends.  Mr. MPB is at work.  And I’m supposed to be working…..blogging counts as working, right?

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13 Comments on “The Mystery Injury

  1. Oh no! Poor little guy. If he’s anything like my 1 year old nephew with the early walking and running, it seems very likely to have just been a toddler tumble. Bumps and bruises are unavoidable when they start getting really active. I hope it’s just that, and I hope it heals quickly! It must be unsettling to have a mystery black eye on your baby…


  2. Oh yes the mysterious bruises that seem to appear everywhere – be prepared you will have many more in your future; including on yourself.


  3. Wow! He must have bumped somewhere, still its quite sad to see a black eye on the child. Most cases, a child with a black eye, they will get CPS to question the parents. Id say keep little MPB home till its clear. Don’t want “concerned” neighbours getting involved.


  4. Black eyes on your little are tougher on the parents than they are on the babies I think. My son got his first black eye about two weeks ago after a stumble and he clocked his face on a wood toy he loves. The kid falls all the time and bumps his face all the time so we were surprised it took this long to get a black eye. He didn’t even notice it but of course we panicked. Daycares keep a very close eye on when kids show up with bruises and black eyes. After H showed up at daycare with a black eye, I was questioned separately by each of the three caregivers at it about what happened. I knew they were going through the paces of making sure there was no child abuse going on. Yours sounds like a very good one so I think it was likely he took a stumble when playing, it didn’t bother him at all so he just got up and continued on and they were none the wiser. Black eyes can also take a day or so to become a true black eye as well. The tough part about parenting is figuring out when to go into action mode and when to let boys be boys 🙂

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  5. Poor guy! Glad he’s not in pain. Luke has some unexplainable bruises himself but given that he’s now running I guess it’s bound to happen. Hopefully that shiner will disappear soon!

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  6. My little fell and busted open her lip this weekend. Blood everywhere. She cried for two seconds and then just wanted to lick a wash cloth. She literally fell over her own two feet. Mopped her up and off she ran! She pops up with bumps and bruises from who know what as well! They bounce better than adults:)


  7. As an adult, I woke up one morning with a black eye of unknown origin. Absolutely NOTHING happened to me to cause it. I had not bumped myself anywhere, or been assaulted, etc. There are a lot of thin blood vessels in the eye lid area, if the eye is rubbed just right, it can break one of those thin blood vessels and cause a black eye.

    Ironically my 6 year old had a black eye at the same time, that she had gotten at day care. Her sister was sitting in front of her at story time, and she laughed about something funny. She threw her head back while laughing and caught her older sister right in the eye! My 6 year old had 6 black eyes during her 6th year, and luckily(?) each of them occurred either at school or at daycare, from similar recorded events….all relatively minor elbow bumps, etc, from other children! After a while I was concerned CPS would pay me a visit. She never felt any pain from the black eyes themselves, perhaps a bit from the bump that caused them, but not from the bruised eye.

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  8. We haven’t had a mystery black eye (yet), but plenty of other mystery bruises, scrapes, and bumps. Hopefully kiddo is back to normal soon!

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