The Real Benefit of Daycare

We have discovered the real benefit of daycare….

Little MPB being out of the house means we have time again for adult relations!!  Yup, that’s right, Mr. MPB and I can have sex again.  And yes, I am writing this for the world to read (seriously what am I thinking?).

In fact, as I understand it, we have time for an afternoon delight.

You see, Mr. MPB and I are both self-employed.  We work from home, although rarely are we both home all day as we often go our separate ways for meetings during the day. We are each solely responsible for our schedules – we can start our work days whenever we want, take breaks whenever we want and generally just do whatever we want.  Now, Little MPB’s arrival drastically changed this flexibility – I think all new parents probably understand that sex is hard to fit in between spit-ups, diaper changes and middle of the night feedings.  And then having a nanny in our house during the weekdays also impacted our flexibility and freedom.

But, now that Little MPB generally spends his weekdays at daycare, we have some flexibility back into our daytime hours.  And, we’ve discovered mid-day “breaks” allows us time to be intimate while both having enough energy to actually enjoy our “break” together.

Who knew daycare had this benefit?

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16 Comments on “The Real Benefit of Daycare

  1. Awesome!! It’s never too much info when you’re amongst other, understanding moms of kids around the same age!! Maybe our drought we’re in right now needs some afternoon delight lol.

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  2. Good for you! It is amazing how just that bit of adult time gives you a boost. We are slowly getting there now bub is in his own room.

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  3. Good for you!
    Daycare is about the only babysitter we have. About once a week we try to both be home for a few hours. Usually we just nap, or clean. Your plan is better.

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  4. You live the dream! Haha! Good for you!
    I had grand adult plans for next week, my partner and I were both going to take a midweek holiday from work while Jess (our 19 month old) stayed over night at the parents….but their dog is gravely ill and the grandparent asked if it would be OK if Jess didn’t spend the night. Couldn’t tell you whats wrong with the dog, I glazed over when my chances of adult date night diminished. Gutted 😦 I was more looking forward to a lie in than anything else!

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  5. Good for you guys! You should also schedule a lunch date together once a week since you have childcare!

    We take advantage of any moment the kids are occupied together. We lock the bathroom door and get busy. We have been the parents doing the deed with a screaming kid on the other side of the door, begging to be let in. No guilt at all!

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