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I’d love to say that I didn’t post this morning because I was soundly sleeping in.  But, nope, I had another horrible night of sleep that consisted of multiple coughing fits.

Anyways, maybe one day I’ll start to get healthy.  Today is day 3 of antibiotics, so they should start to kick in anytime now.  And, I desperately need them to kick in – we are hosting 5, maybe 12 family members this weekend.  The first 5 people I am so incredibly excited to see – they live have a world away from us and we don’t often get to see them, and of course they planned this visit well before I got sick and it’s not something we can just reschedule. Some of my fondest memories of growing up are with my Aunt and Uncle.  Even with the distance, and raising 5 kids of her own, my Aunt was an amazing surrogate mother to me after my mom died.  She was there to do those girl things that no 14 year old really wants to ask their Dad to do – you know, shopping for things like bras and feminine products, getting our nails done, sewing my favourite shorts after I ripped them, etc.  And more then anything, I didn’t fell like I had a lot of people in my corner at that time in my life, and she was always there when I need to talk.  Needless to say, a visit with her, brings back so many fond memories.

The other possible 5 or 7 people, well they are just causing Mr. MPB and I a tad bit of stress.  And honestly, very selfishly taking away from what I had envisioned for months as a special visit with my Aunt and my son.  I think for me, in an odd way, I know I’ll never get to show my son off to my Mom, and so being able to share him with my Aunt is like a bit of a second best scenario.  I’m not going to complain to those other people, because I know I’ll come across as whiny and selfish, and I just wont win in the long run.  So, Mr. MPB and I are just accepting the weekend as whatever it will be.

But I cannot like, I’m already exhausted just thinking about the possibility of 12 people in our house that will not comfortably fit 12 people!  And, my biggest concern is that I will have to sleep in our bed, next to Baby MPB’s room – which means if I’m still coughing I will wake up Baby MPB and Mr. MPB.  Which means, Mr. MPB and I will be hosting family while being exhausted.

Wish us luck.  Or maybe just wish us sleep!

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16 Comments on “Hosting Family

    • Thanks Molly! I too hope we get the visit we are hoping for! My fear with 12 people is that all Mr. MPB and I will do is rush around watching the clock as we prepare meals, clean up after meals all while trying to keep some sort of nap schedule for Baby MPB.


  1. I feel for you… Hosting a big group of people you don’t particularly want to share time with is definitely stressful! Good luck!

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  2. Eek! That’s a lot of people! The good thing about our new place is that I don’t think you could fit any more than about 1 extra in the flat, and even that would be a push! Hope you start feeling better soon and that you have a nice visit! X

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  3. Good luck. We are headed right now to my husbands family for the weekend. The major problem with that is that I’m supposed to be having my second daughter today and Saturday is my first daughter’s stillbirth day. They are sweet people but it’s going to be hard for reasons I won’t say here. Hope you have less coughing. I brought zzzquil to help me through the night. I haven’t been sleeping well this week for the above reasons anyway.

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  4. Omg . Sounds tough. I hope the weekend passes well. Just smile away when the people who you are not looking forward to hosting do selfish things. you wont regret it 😉
    I wish you an amazing time with aunt. Hope you feel better so you can manage it all. You are very strong, you can do it.

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  5. Omigosh I can’t imagine hosting that many people even feeling healthy! The introverted part of me shudders. I do hope you’re feeling better by then and get to really enjoy the time you have with your aunt. She sounds wonderful.

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  6. I feel your pain…my wife and I have 5 kids, one with a finance, which makes 6. My in-laws. My house is barely big enough for the 5 kids. Hope all goes well. Happy Thanksgiving!


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