Five Things I Love About Life Right Now

As I mentioned yesterday, this week has been rather tough.  I’m surviving it, but I am desperate for some downtime to try to recharge.

So, in an attempt to start off the weekend on a positive note, I am going to stick to positive thinking today.  In doing so, I am stealing Lindsay’s approach and coming up with 5 things I love about life right now.

  1. Baby Smiles and little giggles.  Seriously, there are no words to explain how beautiful this is.  Seriously, I just love our little boy so incredibly much I just cannot even put words to it.
  2. This one might sound silly, but a colleague recently phoned me to say how great of a job I am doing.  I basically pulled off a miracle the other day and it was nice that someone recognized my efforts.  I don’t seek professional acknowledgement, nor do I typically need it.  But I must say, in the midst of feeling like I’m failing at everything, having someone acknowledge this was much appreciated.
  3. Mr. MPB made super last night.  Nothing epic.  Simply store bought chicken wings and dumplings that we keep in the freezer for busy days.  I so appreciate his effort.
  4. The kitchen is clean, the dishwasher empty and Baby MPB’s laundry is on.  Just being in a clean space helps me feel more balanced and calm.
  5. It’s Friday and come hell or high water, I am not working today. I am playing with my son.

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10 Comments on “Five Things I Love About Life Right Now

  1. Yes take the day off!!! I need to remember to do this when I’m having a rough patch of days…the list, not the taking the day off thing 😉 Go enjoy that baby, and have a wonderful weekend!!

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  2. Enjoy your day with your son, in your clean house, with the weekend right around the corner. Sounds like the recipe for a perfect day 🙂

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  3. It’s all about the little things–they really can make such a difference. I am glad you are feeling grateful in the midst of a stressful time. One of the things I love about my life right now is friends like you! ❤️😀

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