My Perfect Breakdown


As I mentioned yesterday, this week has been rather tough.  I’m surviving it, but I am desperate for some downtime to try to recharge. So, in an attempt to start off the weekend on a positive note, I am going to stick to positive thinking today.  In doing so, I am stealing Lindsay’s approach and coming up with 5 things I love about life right now. Baby Smiles and little giggles.  Seriously,… Read More

It’s been a really heavy last week and a bit.  My mind has been processing some pretty big things.  Not in a depressed way, just in a lot of self-reflection and thought kind of way.  But, I have to admit it’s exhausting constantly working through the hard stuff! So, for the moment, I need to take a break. I don’t have all the answers and I know I’m not going to figure… Read More