Moving On

It’s been a really heavy last week and a bit.  My mind has been processing some pretty big things.  Not in a depressed way, just in a lot of self-reflection and thought kind of way.  But, I have to admit it’s exhausting constantly working through the hard stuff!

So, for the moment, I need to take a break. I don’t have all the answers and I know I’m not going to figure it all out in the next few days or weeks or even months.  So, my goal for the rest of the week is to refocus my mind.  Not to forget about the hard stuff, but just to give myself a break.  I’ll return to it when I’m ready and if I need to.

And so, in an effort to move on and refocus, I thought I’d try writing a list (I love lists) of positive things going on right now:

  • Halloween.  I will never understand the desire to decorate one’s house with copious amounts of Halloween themed decorations, but I do love the neighbourly good-natured fun for the kids that is Halloween.  And, as a still kid-less adult, I love the excuse to stay home for an evening, have a glass (or two) of wine, watching cheese movies (like Rocky Horror Picture Show) and admire the overflow of cute trick-or-treators.  And, I’ve declared that should we still not have a child by Halloween next year, I am borrowing a friend’s kid to take trick-or-treating.  I am not sitting on the sidelines of halloween for another year and borrowing a child seems like a good temporary cure (unless it’s cold, then I’m going to stay home with a glass of wine).
  • A had 2 really good days at work in the last week. Seriously, both days just made me smile and reminded me that I do actually love some parts of my profession.  Now, to turn my entire career into those 2 days, then I’ll be set.
  • My new haircut.  It’s the exact same style and colour as normal, but I think getting a haircut is the best instant feel-good activity.
  • My new cellphone (well, technically used, but it is new to me) and new cell phone company – we are paying less and I am no longer dropping calls on a daily basis.  This is just awesome!
  • A few amazing friends who I am beyond thankful to have in my life.  I don’t know how I’d manage without you!
  • I am currently obsesssed with Christina Perri’s songs.  Currently I cannot get enough of Human and I Believe.  Oh and I just fell in love with 3 Things by Jason Mraz – I just heard it for the first time while driving the other day, and it is pretty much the perfect song for today’s post.
  • My big giant furball dog.  Seriously, how can she not be on a positive list?  She makes me smile at least once a day!
  • Mr. MPB, almost every day he’s pretty darn cute and nice to have around.
  • Working from home means that after working an 18 hour day (crazy, I know), the next day I slept in,enjoyed bath and am now blog writing while in the comfort of my bright green pajama pants and an old sweater without any judgement.
  • I’m doing better at getting in my 5 workouts per week.  I do hope to I’ll get back to weight training eventually since right now I’m just doing cario.  But I figure, I love cardio so why not do what I actually enjoy the most?
  • My new desk chair.  I still don’t even have it, it’s on back order, but I am so excited to have a decent chair to sit at all day as I work/write.  My back is already happy with anticipation.
  • My decision to buy yet another baby thing.  We’ve been putting off spending too much money on baby stuff lately due to some other costs in our lives that are taking priority, but when I found a like new Halo Bassinest for $175 on Craigslist, we took the plunge.
  • We started fixing our master bathroom.  About 1.5 years ago we discovered the shower was leaking, and so we just stopped using it.  Once I started working again we’ve been slowly buying supplies and finishes and last weekend we took the plunge.  The demo is done, now we just have to rebuild the entire room.  I’m hoping we can have it done before an adoption happens or by Christmas (since we have no idea when an adoption will actually happen).
  • I’m participating in a Children’s book exchange! It appears to be really simple – you purchase 1 book and mail to a child, and in return you’ll receive 36 books (assuming others all participate).  I am looking for 6 people to join me, if you are interested send me an email at

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16 Comments on “Moving On

  1. Your lists look great. It sounds like you have lots to look forward to, and lots to be grateful for. I chuckled at your statement about Halloween and borrowing kids unless it’s cold, in which case, WINE. Lol.


  2. Love this! Halloween was so disappointing for us this year, with the lack of kids coming by. Maybe we can borrow someone’s kids next year too lol! I’m glad you’re looking ahead to happy things and trying to move on from the harder stuff. Reflecting and figuring things out is always great, but it’s more fun to move on to the happy stuff 🙂


  3. I agree with the others, sounds like you have a lot to look forward to!! I’m also doing the book exchange, but I’ve been having trouble finding 6 people to join me…are you having that trouble too? So far I literally have ONE person that said they wanted to join. I thought it was such a cute idea…who knows.


  4. I can see a new business plan formulating – rent a trick or treater. It could have other events through the the year like rent a kid for the zoo, or go to that new kids movie you want to see, or even Disney World…all the kinds of places you want to go as an adult but without a kid is a bit awkward.
    Your happy list is looking good!! Especially working from home in PJs 😉 very jealous!


  5. Wow, that’s a long list! Your life is literally BURSTING with amazing and fun and happy things! I’m very psyched for you! 🙂
    I had to laugh at your furball one. If I had a list I would probably get to number 1) Dog… and then I’d get distracted by his cuteness! I keep telling all my friends to get one and they’ll never need to go out [without the dog] ever again!


  6. You have A LOT going on!! I’m glad you are focusing on all that good stuff! If you lived in Florida you would totally be welcome to come trick-or-treating and since cold wouldn’t be a factor – you can bring your wine with you! Some neighbors actually give wine and beer to the adults. I am glad you have such an awesome support system between your friends, Mr. MPB and the fur baby!


  7. I love this lost. You are so incredibly prolific in your blog that I can’t respond to every post, but I read them all and I know you’re been going through a lot. My heart is with you. I’m glad you’re working out, I wish I could meet your husband and your dog, and I envy you working in your bright green pajamas! I need to do a positive list, too. Have a good weekend.


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