The Future of MPB (The Blog)

I have had a few people ask me what is next for my blog.  What will happen now that we are entering an entirely new phase of our lives? Will I shut my blog down or continue to write?  Will I write about being a mommy? Will I share about the adoption dynamics? How will we deal with wanting a second child one day? 

The answer to all of this, I have no idea exactly what will happen with my blog content.

But, I do know, without a doubt, that My Perfect Breakdown is going to continue to be a part of my life.

I have no idea what I will write about it. I will probably write about everything, because that’s just sort of what I do. I write about whatever is on my mind on any given day. Maybe I’ll write about:

  • The anniversary of my first D&C just passed.  This year was different as I was holding my living son in my arms. I still have some pretty mixed feelings about this.
  • Attempting to parent and work because that now my life. There maybe a post or two about trying to hire a part-time nanny because I cannot fathom how we can keep this pace up for much longer.
  • Working through all the lingering emotions surrounding our 5 losses and now parenting.  (Something tells me this will be a life-long adventure).
  • Being an adoptive mom and navigating the interesting questions I am asked by friends and family and complete strangers.
  • Our relationship with our birth mom/family (but, I expect to be guarded with these details as it’s not my story to tell).
  • My dream to have 2 children that simply doesn’t mesh with any reality I can see right now.
  • I know I’ll share more details about the actual adoption process we endured in the USA. (I’m guessing you’ve noticed that I’ve been light on this stuff, but I just cannot share that stuff right now for so many reasons which I also will not discuss right now).
  • Having a 90lbs dog and an infant learn to live together (and hopefully become best friends).
  • Eating healthy and working out.  Ya, I need to get back to that.
  • Who knows, maybe I’ll even write about attempting to sustain a marriage with an infant and a career.

I don’t know exactly what I’ll write about it or how often I’ll write, but I know I will continue to write. Honestly, it’s just in my blood. I need to write – it helps keeps me sane, in a very insane world. Writing is simply an important part of my life and I have no intentions to stop.  I cannot let it go.

And of course, I love connecting with everyone else, and I plan to continue to do that. And, so I hope people keep reading. I also understand that my transition may be hard for some people.  I completely understand the pain of watching someone go to the otherside, and if this is too hard for you right now, I get it.

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26 Comments on “The Future of MPB (The Blog)

  1. I think this is why I never switched to an infertility specific blog. I’ve had a “lifestyle” blog for years, and over those years it has morphed into many things. Right now it happens to be about infertility. But as things change, it will also change. Keep blogging, and blog about whatever you want! There’s no hard and fast rule and there’s an entire sphere of lifestyle blogs out there.

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  2. Of course you’re never going to stop! Haha! It’s your JOB! We are all here waiting for each thing you write, and so you should feel a personal obligation to me at least (only joking!). Sending you love xx

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  3. I’m glad that you will continue writing. Not only is it therapeutic for you, but it can be educational for others. I think people who are still in the trenches find it difficult to continuously see baby photo updates, along with how “wonderful” life is now, but it doesn’t look like that’s your intention. And even if it was, you have every right to do so. The topics you mentioned are so pertinent. They show that you don’t just go sailing off into the sunset after having a baby in your arms. It’s never like that after RPL, infertility, adoption, surrogacy, donor, loss of any kind, etc., no matter what people might assume.

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  4. Thank God you’re going to keep blogging because otherwise I was going to have to find a way to force you to write me a blog post via email a few times per week. 😉 I look forward to continuing this journey with you, my Friend!!!

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  5. I’m glad that you will continue writing! I agree writing is a part of who I am it helps me organize my thoughts when I feel like things are spinning out of control, it helps me stay positive and focused on what is important in life! I’m glad that you are going to keep writing even though you are in a new phase I look at each new phase like a new chapter in a book it doesn’t stop just because you’ve turned the page!

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  6. I absolutely love your blog and look forward to hearing more. As someone going through both infertility treatments AND trying to adopt simultaneously, and who loves great, genuine blogs, I would seriously miss not reading your stuff!!!

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  7. I look forward to reading your new life adventures. All the twists and turns are important to share and writing is such a healthy thing for our souls. Take care!

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  8. I often wonder what my blog will be when Nora is here. When I named it “A Calm Persistence” bc that’s how I have always approached life. I’m going to continue to blog too. I just don’t know what that’s going to look like either. I’m excited to follow along with your life as a mom.

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  9. I’ll never forget your support and congratulations when I went to the “other side”. You are an amazing person and have made so many friendships in this blog world. I know I’m not the only one that’s happy that you’ll stick around 🙂

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  10. But I just found you 🙂 All jokes aside, if you feel the desire to continue sharing your gift, please do. I personally would be intrigued to read about every idea you brainstormed above, and you have so evidently created a community that cares deeply for you and yours. Would love to continue to learn from and alongside you and your perspective!


  11. Personally, I can’t wait to see how you do it. It may not always be pretty, but you’re so thoughtful about how you approach your life that I want to know how it all turns out. Keep it up!

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  12. Goodness working and infant care must be so, so hard. I wish I lived closer and could help out from time to time!

    No matter what you write about, count me as a follower and friend. I so love getting to know you and your growing family this past year or so since I’ve “known” you!

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  13. I never imagined that you would stop writing now, but I’m so happy to hear that you aren’t going anywhere! I would be so sad and disappointed to never read your posts again! I’d just have to email you every day lol!

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  14. So glad you aren’t going to stop blogging. I think it is only right that your blog is a reflection of who you are and that it develop and change as you do 🙂

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  15. I’m so happy you’re going to continue to write… I love reading your posts, even though lately I’m way behind on when I read. I just don’t know how to make the time with a one year old. OMG, that’s the first time I’ve said I have a one year old! I’m anxious to hear all about raising your son!


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