Sunday Fun Day: Baking

I hate to say it, but this week really just wasn’t filled with tonnes of fun or entertainment.  It was filled with copious amounts of procrastination (which means next week is already looking a bit daunting), some grocery shopping and some small stuff around the house that required my attention like washing our cloths and folding the clean laundry.  On that note, can someone please give me some sort of strategy on how to start enjoying folding laundry?!  But it wasn’t all bad, I did sneak in a pedicure at lunch one day and I wasn’t travelling for work so I enjoyed the comfort of my own bed every night.  And, I barely used my camera.  In fact, I may not have touched it.

So, what I will share today is Mr. MPB’s first ever attempt at making home-made pretzels.  I helped, but really, these were his idea (I don’t even know where he got the recipe).  They turned out wonderfully and I absolutely really enjoyed eating them!  He made two types – salted and parmesan.  Both were delicious, but I had a slight preference for the parmesan ones.

20150906 - Sunday Fun Day_1

20150906 - Sunday Fun Day_2

20150906 - Sunday Fun Day_3

20150906 - Sunday Fun Day_4

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35 Comments on “Sunday Fun Day: Baking

  1. That looks so good! Strategy for enjoying folding laundry is not to fold at all- just stuff it wherever it goes 🙂


    • I think you and Mr. MPB have the same strategy when it comes to laundry. I have it in my head that if I’m going to go to all the effort of putting away the laundry that I should put it away nicely. Maybe, I need to join your approach!

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    • I like to fold laundry as soon as it’s done in the dryer because I hate wrinkles in my clothes. That’s enough motivation for me lol. Also- I love the smell and feel of toasty warm laundry!


    • Mr. MPB is pretty talented. I don’t wear to many clothes that wrinkle now that I’m not working in an office daily, so I don’t really have that problem.
      I too love warm laundry! Nothing makes me happier then pajama pants right out of the dryer. 🙂

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  2. Those look amazing! I’ve wanted to try making pretzels ever since smitten kitchen posted a recipe for them ages ago. Maybe someday!


  3. Laundry folding is a hated task at our house too. Our method is to put on our favorite television shows and fold and watch. Makes it bearable.
    You wouldn’t happen to have a recipe for the pretzels? We’re having a baking craving today!


    • I do the same thing – put a movie on while folding laundry. But, I still hate doing it.
      I don’t have a recipe, but I will try to get it from Mr. MPB. I’m sure he found it online somewhere.


  4. Ughhhh now I want a pretzel! 🙂 So far, I’ve found folding baby laundry to be much more exciting than my own. That being said, I think I will probably change my mind once he’s here and I’ve got enough to do! I have been washing baby’s clothes and blankets. I put some nice music on and sit in my rocking chair to fold.


    • They were pretty great pretzels.
      As for baby laundry, It seems to not excite me anymore then our laundry. In fact, I finally washed our blankets and baby clothes, but they are now sitting in a pile on the floor of the nursery. Evidently, I just don’t like folding, no matter what. 🙂


      • When I do fold, I’m anal about organization. Key word: WHEN. Haha I look at my nicely organized baby dresser and know it isn’t going to be that tidy for long!

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  5. I make hubby help with the laundry folding, and we usually listen to music or an audiobook. Also, having cats attempt to pounce on the laundry adds an element of fun. If you share the pretzel recipe, I’d love to try my hand at making some!


    • I try to make my husband help with folding laundry, but I think he hates it even more then I do. So we often end up arguing about folding laundry, which just seems like the most ridiculous argument ever so now I try to just do it myself.
      I’ll ask Mr. MPB for his recipe and share it once he gives me the link. They were delicious and totally worth trying!

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  6. Those look delicious!!! Nothing beats a nice fresh hot pretzel!! Hope this coming week is a bit calmer for you. How did your weekend end up going? I was thinking about you!!

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