What Kind Of Mother Will I Be?

Today I wonder, what kind of mother will I be?

Will I love as deeply as my mother did?

Will I be there to wipe away my child’s tear?

Will I be able to provide my child with the support they need when their feelings are hurt?

Will I be able to comfort my child in their time of need?

Will I be able to impart words of wisdom and help my child grow up to value respect, honesty and integrity?

Will I be around long enough to see my child become an adult?

Will I be half the mother my mom was?


While I have no ability to predict the future, I do know that I will do everything within my power to be an amazing mom. I also know that I already love our child deeper then I ever thought imaginable and if love is enough, our child will be well equipped for life.

But, I also realize that love will not be enough on it’s own.  Yes, love is essential to a good life, it’s critical in fact.  But, so is being polite and respectful.  So is helping others in their time of need with out hope or expectation of repayment.  And so is laughter, happiness and self-confidence.

I cannot force our child to be a good person, but I know it is my role as their mother to show them the way through my actions every single day.  It is my role to discipline and educate.  My role is to be compassionate and caring.  To encourage their innocent dreams and encourage them to reach for the stars.  My role is to love to support all of their decisions, even the less the ideal ones.

My role is to walk the fine line between being supportive and being over-protective.  I have to hold back my fears, my deep seeded fears, that I can thank 5 miscarriages for.  I know, I will need to give our child space to spread their wings and fly.

I realize this is a tall order.  The parenting thing, it’s kind of the biggest role we will ever have in our lives.  Its a big deal and the stakes are of epic proportions.  And, yet, I realize I will fail from time to time.  But, I believe parenting is not a perfect science, rather it is an imperfect art.  And as an impact art, it can never be perfected.  I expect struggles.  I expect moments of tears.  I expect mistakes will be made from time to time, but we will survive the minor setbacks.  I believe our child will have a great foundation to learn from, because we in the MPB household are already perfecting the art of overcoming.

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30 Comments on “What Kind Of Mother Will I Be?

  1. You are already 50 steps ahead of the game. Realistic expectations are key. Sounds like you had an exceptional role model as a child. This is a blessing, and will make the parenting journey less challenging!

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    • Thank you so very much Jen! I do feel fortunate that I had a wonderful mother to show me the way, and I hope that one day I can be have the mother she was to me. 🙂


  2. You’re going to be a fabulous mom! You have so much love, compassion, strength, knowledge, and so many more things to share. Of course nobody is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes; but I feel you’ll have far more good days than bad, and fall into your role quite easily. Have faith in yourself my friend, you’ll be amazing. ❤


  3. You are already a fabulous mother, and I don’t anticipate that changing at anytime! You have so much love and experience and insight to give. You have a heart full of love and support to offer. It’s going to be amazing and you are going to be perfect for this role! I don’t have any doubts about that! XO


  4. I can tell just by the way you are supportive and loving in this community (even when it might be hard to do so) you are going to be a great mother. There will be grace for you when you mess up and fall, but ultimately, I think your child is going to know how deeply loved and cherished they are. XOXO!


  5. Sweetie, you will fail every day. Every freaking day. Small fails mostly but some will feel epic at the time. I promise you that now so you can get used to it because I know you struggle with perfectionism. Parenting is the hardest job in the whole world. Period. Nobody gets it right all the time. Nobody. And that’s okay. We can be a perfectly imperfect tribe of loving parents together, we survivors.


  6. I understand how you feel. I wonder the same things about me. One thing I know is we fought so hard to be moms. When we get our chance, I know we will love our babies and be the best possible moms we can be. I do expect that I will do something to screw up my child. Because no one is perfect. But I am sure going to try my hardest. It may be my only chance.


    • I have wondered if the fight to get our children will be a good thing or a bad thing? I wonder if I will hold on to them a little too long and a little too tight and be overbearing crazy?
      But as you say, we will do our best, and try our absolute hardest! I know you are going to be great!! 🙂

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      • Oh man I worry about that too. I feel like once I get them I will ruin them by never leaving and holding on to them to tight too. :/ its so scary the role we will play in that little ones life. I sure hope our best is good enough.

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      • I’m not as great as you think…. Ask my kids! And there is nothing wrong with paying someone to decorate the birthday cakes. 😉


  7. I think the fact that you think and worry about these things mean you are already well on the path to being a wonderful mother. I am sure you will be fantastic.
    Being a mother (I think) is like having a bunch of jobs with a very niche clientele, you are your child’s cook, teacher, healer, exercise coach, personal shopper, personal assistant, cleaner, driver, toy repairer, magician, singer, furniture builder, risk management supervisor, fort constructor and oh so many more things I cannot list them all, but that could be a fund post 🙂 Let’s be honest, you are not going to do the right thing 100% of the time, no one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes. Look at poor Ryan Reynolds and all the media attention he is getting because he put his daughter into the baby carrier incorrectly because he didn’t know better. Things happen 🙂
    I think you will be a wonderful mother. Anytime you doubt this just think back to everything you went through to get your child, you have climbed some serious mountains. Any child with you as a Mum is going to be very lucky 🙂


    • I just had to Google Ryan Reynolds baby carrier and there are about 100 stories on it! Seriously, I think that’s a pretty small mistake considering the number of mistakes that we will all make with children! You are right, we will not get it right 100% of the time, but as long as we are trying our best and the child is well fed, loved and not dropped from too high, it will be okay. 🙂

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  8. Love, love, love this post!!! Wish I could hit the “like” button a million times. You will not be perfect, but you will be amazing. This I know with absolute certainty!


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