#100HappyDays Continued – Days 230 – 236

Another week of photos for your viewing pleasure.

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed each moment.

Day 230 – February 21, 2015: Mr. MPB and I stopped for lunch today. Blueberry beer made me happy, and two blueberry beers made me really happy!

20150301 - 100HappyDays_Day230

Day 231 – February 22, 2015: We found this beautiful chicken at the local farmer’s market today, which meant roast chicken and sweat potatoes for supper tonight.  We were both happy and full.

20150301 - 100HappyDays_Day231

Day 232 – February 23, 2015: Tonight we took Sadie for a walk as the sunset. I love that the days are getting longer again and I absolutely loved watching the colours in the sky as the sun set.

20150301 - 100HappyDays_Day232

Day 233 – February 24, 2015: Today we officially canceled our summer plans for a road trip to Northern Canada and Alaska. But, in the interest of seeking out happiness, I started looking at a more affordable vacation Plan B. While Iceland might sound extravagant, it really isn’t. It’s remarkably cheap for us to get there, requires substantially less time away from work, and since we plan to hike and camp our way through the country our expenses once there will be relatively low too. I’m not sure I have Mr. MPB convinced yet, but at lease I had some fun investigating the idea.

20150301 - 100HappyDays_Day233

Day 234 – February 25, 2015: Today we bought something for our future child – a pack and play. And, the people who we bought it from gave us their mobile too!! My happy day photo is the elephant on the mobile because I was so excited by this purchase and the kind generosity of perfect strangers.

20150301 - 100HappyDays_Day234

Day 235 – February 26, 2015: My willpower was not strong enough today as I broke-down and bought Cadbury Mini Eggs. Frozen Mini Eggs are my absolute favourite candy and I savoured every single one!

20150301 - 100HappyDays_Day235

Day 236 – February 27, 2015: Yup, I’m sick with a head cold. Not the happiest of times, but every time I drink NeoCitran I feel so much better for an entire 4 hours! So, can I have another cup please?

20150301 - 100HappyDays_Day236

Wishing everyone splendid happy moments!

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30 Comments on “#100HappyDays Continued – Days 230 – 236

  1. Yay for the pack ‘n play!
    As for Iceland, Mr. MLACS lived there while on a project a few years ago and he says it’s dirt cheap to get there but everything (particularly food) is expensive. Of course maybe there’s ways to save $ if you plan things out beforehand, but just something to consider in the process. XOXO


    • Everything we have read is that food is really expensive, but since we would be camping and you are allowed to bring 3kg of food into the country per person we would bring a bunch of stuff with us to reduce food costs (i.e. energy bars and granola, dehydrated soups and fruit, etc.). We would still need to buy some of the perishables and I’m sure we’d splurge on a couple of traditional Icelandic meals out. Like you said, by being prepared, I think we can make it pretty affordable.

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  2. So nice to see these photos today. I need to see happy things and all of these: the blueberry beer, the sky, the food, the trip to Iceland… they are just happy photos. Thank you!


  3. Lovely photos! I’ve got friends who go to Iceland frequently, and they love it. Congrats on purchasing the pack ‘n play! It’s wonderful when people show kindness when you don’t expect it. And those treats look yummy- the blueberry beer and mini eggs! Sounds like you had a wonderful week 🙂


  4. Oh man. That roast chicken looks delicious. You gotta share the recipe! And, I have no willpower too – ever since I saw Reese’s Eggs on the shelves at my local CVS I’ve had to buy one every time I’m in there. Silly Easter candy 😉


    • The chicken was delicious and super easy to cook. Take 2 lemons, roll them on the counter until they are super squishy and then stab them with a fork a few times. Pop them inside the chicken. Sprinkle on some pepper, salt, rosemary and and thyme. Pop it in the oven until cooked (we do about 20 minutes on high heat 450F, then 10 minutes per pound at about 350F). My only piece of advice is to NEVER use lime as a substitute.

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  5. Excited for you that you’re looking into new vacation options!!! See how that one closed door may lead to something new and more fun? 😉 Sorry you aren’t feeling well, but at least you have something that makes you feel better! And hooray for getting a bonus with your new baby item!


  6. I love these pictures and I’m so impressed that you are able to find a happy moment in each day! I wish I was able to do the same.

    I also think it’s so funny when dogs chase laser pointers 🙂

    Iceland is my favorite place in the world. The food can be expensive, but like you mentioned above, we did bring some things of our own for when we were doing excursions. Make sure you find the hotdog place that’s recommended in the Lonely Planet book! It was even mentioned on the flight over lol


    • Some days it definitely takes effort to find happy moments and some days I only do because Mr. MPB creates one. But, I have found most days it’s not to hard to find a simple happy moment when I’m looking.
      When did you go to Iceland? Do you any tips? Or any must do things asides from the hotdogs? (I’ve been reading a lot about the Iceland hotdogs, I’m pretty intrigued! 🙂


      • We went to Iceland in February of last year. The only thing we wished we’d done differently was to book all excursions through our hotel rather than with our travel agent. I would definitely say that you should really try and see/do the Golden Circle tour. I think you can do it on your own if you’re renting a car, but we did it with Reykjavik Excursions and it was stunning! Oh – and plan/budget for food! We didn’t bring much with us, just snacks for when we were on the tours, but actual meals were costing about $40CAD for lunch/supper. Good thing you don’t leave tips in Iceland 😉


      • Oh, I love hearing about other people’s iceland trips!!
        Thanks for hte reminder about the cost of food! I’ve been reading about the high costs, but it’s nice to have a real number $40CAD to work with. My rough itinerary right now has us camping most of the trip, which means we will cook most of our own meals. And since we are camping, we will bring a bunch of the non-perishables with us from Canada, so that will help reduce the costs further. (I have budgeted for a few evening/lunches out, as we definitely want to experience traditional Icelandic foods too).
        Oh, and Golden Circle tour is absolutely on my list. I’ve read that we can drive it ourselves, so that’s the current plan.
        Thanks again for all the ideas!!


  7. Iceland is top of my list for holiday locations at the moment! If you do end up going you will definitely have to give me some tips. Obviously it’s a lot further to travel to coming all the way from Aus 🙂


  8. As you know, I looooove Iceland. If you do end up going, I can send you a list of where we went, what we did and where we stayed. Since you and Mr. MPB are into outdoors-y stuff I think you will especially love it. You MUST go into the interior when you are there. It is the most amazing place I’ve ever seen. It looks like the moon. And there are rainbow-colored mountains in landmannalaugar (a part of the interior). There’s a days-long hike you can do in landmannalaugar which we did not have time to do, but it sounds like it might be right up your alley.


    • I want to know everything you recommend! Did you camp your way through Iceland, or drive and stay at hotels? Did you drive the whole ring road? What month did you go in? Oh, I have so many questions for you!! 🙂


      • We rented a car and stayed in hotels and guesthouses. We did not do the ring road. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are there for at least two weeks. One of the things I liked was driving around leisurely and being able to stop wherever, and I felt like we’d be rushed trying to do the ring road. We went in late June. Everything was open for the summer, but it wasn’t crazy crowded yet. AND, the best part is that it was still almost 24 hours of daylight. We arrived in the country at midnight and immediately went out in Reykjavík. When we walked back to our hotel it was 4 am and still light out! So freaking cool. At it’s darkest the sky was a dusky color. I’ll send you an email sometime this week with recommendations!

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      • Just saw your Reykjavík question. I’ll send you the hotel link in my email, but we stayed the Butterfly Guest House. Loved it. I think we spent 3 nights in Reykjavík? But we only spent one afternoon touring the city. The rest of the time we did day trips.


  9. Oh my gosh, GO TO ICELAND! And take tons of your gorgeous photos… family friends went and it looked so spectacular. Amazing that it’s not that expensive! That would be amazing. Also, I love the elephant. I was really into elephants for a while (good luck fertility charm), and I still have a soft spot for the cute, cuddly, trunk-up kind. And thanks a lot, now I have to run out tomorrow and buy myself some Cadbury Mini-Eggs. I’ve held off so far because I can just stuff those in my mouth (I like them warm and melty, not frozen), so I blame the next 5 pounds on you, har har. Gorgeous pictures as always! Thanks for sharing your happy moments, they make me smile.


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