A Promise to Myself

20140917 - A Promise to Myeslf

I am going to watch the world go by.

I am going to take in every single moment.

Each sound. A child laughing. A bird singing. A squirrel chirping.

Each sight. A majestic sunset. A first snowfall. A daisy blowing in the wind. A dog frolicking in the park.

Each smell. A warm bonfire crackling. A fresh smell of lemon zest filling the air. A coffee pot percolating. A roast roasting.

I will seek to see the happiness through the clouds.

Each and every moment.


I will be an active participant in the world.

I will make a positive contribution with every action I take.

I will live with joy, happiness, and love. I will spread joy. I will spread happiness. I will spread love.

I will leave the world a better place when it’s my turn to go.


I will live by my code of kindness and love.

I will love unconditionally.

I will give my heart and my soul to those I encounter.

I will share what I have with those who have-not.

I will share and ask nothing in return.


I will honour my past.

I will cherish my memories.

I will look to the future with excitement.

No matter where my life leads. No matter the outcome.

I will live.

I will thrive.

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42 Comments on “A Promise to Myself

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    My Perfect Breakdown penned (okay, keyboarded) this inspirational post. Many of you may have already seen it but for those who have not and to remind myself of the importance of being present in the here and now and embracing the love and beauty around us even on our darkest days (or the days that follow those dark ones because sometimes that is the best we can do), I have chosen to reblog this. I hope it speaks to you as it has to me.


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    My friend at “My Perfect Breakdown” shared this beautiful poem she wrote with us today. I wanted to share it with anyone that isn’t following her yet and suggest that you do. I promise you will love her inspiring and thought provoking words.


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