#100happydays – Days 64 Through 70

Here is my tenth week of #100happydays.

Day 64 – September 8, 2014: It is snowing today – the first snow storm of the year. There is absolutely nothing happy about snow on September 8th. But, I do love the beauty in fresh white snow against a backdrop of vivid summer colours. And, taking this photo made me smile and freeze all at the same time.

20140916 - 100HappyDays_Day64

Day 65 – September 9, 2014: Roasted cherry tomatoes with basil and rosemary cooked in garlic macadamia nut oil – cooked by my husband using the tomatoes he rescued from the garden when the snow started falling. No joke, this might have been the most delicious thing I have ever eaten.

20140916 - 100HappyDays_Day65

Day 66 – September 10, 2014: It is snowing again – like massive amounts of snow. Roads are closed, tress have fallen down everywhere, and power is out throughout the city (including our house). Really, it’s depressing to see this much snow this early in September. Of course, sitting in my house with no heat, I assumed it would be a challenge to find a happy moment today. But, it turns out, playing scrabble with my husband by the fire to stay warm is definitely a happy moment!

20140916 - 100HappyDays_Day66

Day 67 – September 11, 2014: I spent today doing data collection and statistical analysis for a project I am working on. I am not passionate about numbers, and find this type of work rather painful. Needless to say, this meant I was extra happy today when my husband brought home my favourite flowers.

20140916 - 100HappyDays_Day67

Day 68 – September 12, 2014: Today wasn’t an overly happy day, in fact I literally only took 1 photo all day because I was grouchy and didn’t bother bringing my camera with me. So, I had a happy moment with a cream cheese pumpkin muffin at Starbucks, but I didn’t have my camera.  Thankfully, I was in a better mood and remembered my camera when we went to dinner with some great friends.  I took this photo to show a happy evening with friends. Lebanese anyone?

20140916 - 100HappyDays_Day68

Day 69 – September 13, 2014: Finally, it wasn’t too hot or too rainy or to snowy for an evening walk with husband and dog. Being that she’s a 90lbs black furball, too hot is never a good thing. And, being that she’s a princess, rain is about the only time she prefers to stay inside. And, being that I hate snow in September, it’s about the only time I prefer to stay indoors. I’m now reminded of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and while I feel the need to go eat some porridge, I also feel the need to say – today was just right! We had a wonderfully happy family walk together – my husband enjoying the beautiful crisp fall air and his ability to walk more these days, our dog’s tail wagging the entire time and me snapping fun and happy photos along the way. P.S. I love that this path is just a few minutes away from my house!

20140916 - 100HappyDays_Day69

Day 70 – September 14, 2014: Holy Batman, these are gluten-free blueberry muffins are amazing, and it’s not often I say that about gluten-free food!  Even my husband enjoyed them and went back for seconds!  Thanks to Mama et Maman for sharing this recipe and inspiring today’s photo worthy happy (and delicious) moment!

20140916 - 100HappyDays_Day70

 Wishing everyone a great week filled with happy moments!

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33 Comments on “#100happydays – Days 64 Through 70

  1. Beautiful photos! And yes please to Lebanese! Does that mezze plate include the dip muhammara? That is my favorite by far! I ate it every day when I studied in Syria. The best! And oh, I’m so sorry about the snow, but the picture is beautiful 🙂


  2. That photo is really pretty – but SNOW!?!?!!? AH!!! I don’t want to think about it, I am totally not ready for winter.


  3. And I was upset at hearing we may be getting snow at the end of Sept./beginning of Oct. here in WI!! Oh and btw, I beg to differ on you not being a creative pisces…Have your read your writing or looked at your pictures? Both are beautiful, amazing and creative!! 🙂


  4. Loved this post with all the various thoughts and photos. Sadly, you’ve made me very hungry with the pics of the Lebanese food!

    And SNOW! Holy cow?! Where are you? It’s going to be 90F (32 C) today! And we’re lucky *if* we get a 50% chance of rain tomorrow! I’m in Texas, US (like I really needed to say “US” after Texas … like there is any other Texas on the planet!).

    I hear you on the crunching numbers stat thing. Bleh! Better YOU than me! 🙂


    • Yes, snow. It made me rather unhappy, but I was determined to see the happy in it! I live in Western Canada, and as a resident of a winter city and I refuse to be miserable for 6-8 months out of the year. 🙂
      But, the good news is we are back to sunshine and warmer weather (20C or 68F) with no snow in the forecast. So as long as you are not a broken tree, I suspect most people around me are happy with our weather now. That said, I would so much rather be in Texas with your weather right now!!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Don’t smack me for saying this, but I am SO jealous of your snow… and your roasted tomatoes… and your muffins. It was 109 when I got home yesterday–convert that to celsius and I think you just get TOO FREAKING HOT. All we have for air conditioning is a little window unit that does its best, but can’t really cool the house. I haven’t been able to use my oven for weeks. The high today is supposed to be 106. Should be fun. Enjoy your fireplace. 😉


  6. Those tomatoes look AMAZING! I’m drooling just looking at that beautiful photograph of one of my favourite foods. I love the photo posts, I hope you don’t really stop at 100.


    • Tomatoes are one of my absolute favourit foods. Which might explain why I loved these ones so much. I think my husband planned to use them in a sauce of some sort, but I just ate them straight up with a fork before he had the chance.
      As for continuing past 100, we’ll see. For the most part I’m really enjoying it so, I may just continue. But, for now, I’ll stick to my current goal to reach 100 without missing a day. Only 28 more days to go…


  7. I love your happy days posts because I know you’re happy, and they remind me to appreciate little things myself 🙂 Thank you! The roasted tomatoes look amazing. So glad you made the muffins, I’m going to try her recipe this weekend! We can’t turn the oven on in LA, it’s 102 degrees today! The snow looks amazing, but I know, the grass is always greener 🙂


    • I’ve decided most of my blog followers must live in the southern US because all of you keep commenting on your hot weather! If only I could have some of that warmth!
      Definitely try those muffins as soon as you can turn the oven on again – they were amazing. I need to make another batch asap because they were so yummy!


  8. I love all these pics so much, especially the snow one! So beautiful! Also, we are in the middle of an insane heat wave and our A/C is not working again and won’t be repaired for a couple of weeks because we’ve decided to upgrade the whole thing and are waiting for a new condenser and evaporator coil to be ordered. I feel like I’m melting and want to transport myself into that photo right now!


  9. Now I want a muffin!!! Another bloggy friend of mine had snow in Canada the other day I was all WHAT?! Although in saying that we have had snow on our mountain alps in Summer when those weird weather patterns come through and it always blows me away. I can’t wait for warmer weather bring it on! I could eat middle eastern food every.single.day unfortunately the mister is more your steak and veg type :/


    • I just took my second batch of muffins out of the oven bout 5 minutes ago – we are addicted!
      This was my first time having Lebanese, it was so good! I would definitely have it again!


  10. I just freakin’ loves these posts! Please don’t stop at 100! Your pictures are always breathtaking and each one puts a smile on my face! xo


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