My Perfect Breakdown


I am 1 in 6.  Together with my husband we are 1 in 6. We are infertile. In fact, we are infertile in the most fertile way.  We are also 1%.  We are the one percent who can get pregnant relatively easily, but cannot sustain a pregnancy. Without significant medical intervention my body will likely never sustain a pregnancy to full term with a child. And even with medical intervention there are… Read More

I’ve never been a girly girl. In fact, as a child you would have probably called me a tom-boy.  (Hold onto your hat, I am going to use a tonne of gender stereotypes today). I spent countless hours doing the typical girl things – sewing lessons, brownies, making friendship bracelets, babysitting to earn spending money, etc. While I enjoyed the time with my mom and sister, these activities were not my idea… Read More