My Perfect Breakdown


Just a little story about a conversation that recently occurred in the MPB household: Mrs. MPB: It’s not everyday a Canadian wins a Physics Nobel Prize.  So, I decided I needed to read more about it. But i still have one tiny question, why is it such a big deal that neutrino’s flip and have mass? Mr. MPB with eye brow raised: What?! Mrs. MPB: Seriously, you know drastically more about physics… Read More

One of the greatest thing about choosing to grow our family through open adoption is the adoption community. Months ago I wrote about how adoption is a lonely road. Some days it still feels that way. Some days it feels like no-one understands, and no-one gets it. No-one seems to think about how much this is costing us, or how complicated it is to manage the international adoption process. No-one seems too… Read More