My Perfect Breakdown


Please meet Flick, she is a Northern Flicker.  Northern Flickers happen to be one of my favourite birds that frequent my part of the world.  They are an absolutely beautiful bird and have the most stunning colours on the underside of their wings and a little red spot on their cheeks (neither of which are visible in this photo). I found Flick in my backyard this morning (hence the delay into today’s… Read More

Just a little story about a conversation that recently occurred in the MPB household: Mrs. MPB: It’s not everyday a Canadian wins a Physics Nobel Prize.  So, I decided I needed to read more about it. But i still have one tiny question, why is it such a big deal that neutrino’s flip and have mass? Mr. MPB with eye brow raised: What?! Mrs. MPB: Seriously, you know drastically more about physics… Read More