My Perfect Breakdown


Taking a break from all my recent adoption focused thoughts, I want to talk about one great thing that happened on our visit with Little MPB’s birth-mom.  And, it had nothing to do with adoption.  Instead, it had to do blogging and friends. I attempted to meet up with two bloggers who lived in the area we were visiting.  Unfortunately the stars didn’t align perfectly so one of visits didn’t work out.  But,… Read More

Never get too excited.  Cautious optimism is the rule of thumb.  Things may go really well, but they also might not. Respect the birth mother’s right to choose.  Her right to choose her adoptive family to entrust her child to.  And her right to change her mind. Keep living.  Do home reno’s, go on trips, enjoy evenings out as a couple, even make plans for 6 months out.  Just buy cancellation insurance… Read More