My Perfect Breakdown


When your toddler wakes up with the sniffles, you slow down the morning routine and snuggle him. When your toddler comes home from daycare even more sick, you cancel a Christmas family outing to stay home and snuggle him. When your toddler cannot sleep through the night due to the aforementioned sickness, you stay up all night and snuggle him. When your toddler has been up all night sick, you have a… Read More

As a Canadian we celebrated Thanksgiving back in October.  And yet, by complete coincidence as my USA friends are celebrating Thanksgiving today, I also need to focus on the theme of thankfulness. You see a few days ago my nephew was rushed to the hospital.  He’s still in the hospital and we do not know when he’ll get to come home.  What we do know is that he will be okay, although… Read More