My Perfect Breakdown


There are few words Little MPB is currently saying that are absolutely adorable. First he loves to say It’s De-licious.  He does not say yummy, in fact if we say yummy he tends to correct us with it’s de-licious.  It’s beyond adorable.  I have no idea where he learned it, but I suspect daycare.  (For the record he does say I no like it to some of the food we put in front of him,… Read More

A few more Christmas spirit inspired photos.  You can find photos from Days 1 through 5 here and Days 6 through 12 here.  Enjoy! Day 13:  Tangled Christmas lights! Day 14: Finally some real Christmas decoration out in our house.  This little red guy is from our trip to Iceland.  I have to say, I love him! Day 15: Christmas movie time! Day 16: The Christmas tree is still not decorated.  But… Read More