My Perfect Breakdown


Today is here and will soon be gone. I cannot change the day once it becomes yesterday and it becomes part of my history. But, no matter what happens, I can and will remember today, good or bad. Yet, I have learned to respect that the past is in the past. I cannot rewrite history and I cannot give myself a different story. With my past, I can honour where I have… Read More

I am going to watch the world go by. I am going to take in every single moment. Each sound. A child laughing. A bird singing. A squirrel chirping. Each sight. A majestic sunset. A first snowfall. A daisy blowing in the wind. A dog frolicking in the park. Each smell. A warm bonfire crackling. A fresh smell of lemon zest filling the air. A coffee pot percolating. A roast roasting. I… Read More