My Perfect Breakdown


Me: My side is killing me.  It’s not my right side so I’m pretty sure it’s not my appendix.  Mr. MPB: Where does it hurt? Me: (pointing to the exact location) I’ve been in intense pain all day, right here.  If this keeps up like this for a few more days I’m probably going to have to go to the doctor.  Mr. MPB: Your probably just ovulating.  Remember you produce and release more follicles… Read More

Infertility as defined by Webster’s Dictionary is: Medical Definition of INFERTILE : not fertile; especially: incapable of or unsuccessful in achieving pregnancy over a considerable period of time (as a year) in spite of determined attempts by heterosexual intercourse without contraception <infertile couples><an infertile male with a low sperm count><an infertile female with blocked fallopian tubes>—compare sterile 1 —in·fer·til·i·ty noun, pluralin·fer·til·i·ties Full Definition of INFERTILE :  not fertile or productive <infertile eggs>… Read More