My Perfect Breakdown


About 10 days ago Doodle MPB returned home from her extended Puppy Boot Camp. I chose not to write about her return as I was truthfully afraid to jinx a good thing.  You see, she came home and seemed to have such better behaviour and, I feared that it wouldn’t last and she’d just revert to her old ways. But after 10 days back home, here’s what I have to say: She’s still… Read More

Since today marks 2 weeks since Doodle MPB went to a 2 week Puppy Boot Camp, I think today marks a great day to discuss Doodle MPB. We’ve been having more and more visits in the last week to start the transition process of bringing her back home.  Which means training Mr. MPB and I on all the things she’s been learning. With this visits we’ve been able to see that she… Read More